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The Traveling Diabetic

  It’s difficult to control any aspect of a diet while traveling. If you’re consuming foods at freeway exits, airports, and hotel lobbies you’ll likely be “blowing it” no matter… Read the full article ›

German Elections

  A political party receiving 15% of a German vote doesn’t sound remarkable to most Americans, but context is everything. There are two aspects of the AfD party’s 15% share… Read the full article ›

Buffalo Wild Wings

  We’ve noticed every Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant we’ve visited has been busy in recent months.  Our last several visits have all seen a wait list despite various times of… Read the full article ›

Otto Pizzeria, Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian

  To prosciutto aficionados everything else is just lunch meat.   Each time I approach Otto it occurs to me that prosciutto is a religious experience there.  Serious prosciutto fans… Read the full article ›

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

  It’s hard to find a Chicago-style hot dog like they serve at Portillos in Chicago, but Las Vegas has three restaurants that are decent substitutes to satisfy a craving. … Read the full article ›

Border Grill – The Forum Shops Caesars

Thoughtful.  Everything on each plate at Border Grill is thoughtfully added with nothing taken for granted. Famous executive chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger surprise you immediately after seating… Read the full article ›

Vote Them All Out

  Folks criticize me for voting every incumbent and incumbent party out every election, regardless of party. Here are four non-partisan issues. Until they’re solved, give the next candidate a… Read the full article ›


  I’m quite certain my immigration solution would anger everyone on both sides of the political divide. I’d build a wall, grant amnesty, and rigorously enforce criminal law. The Wall:… Read the full article ›