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Basic Sushi Rules

Sushi My basic rules when searching for a sushi restaurant in an unfamiliar area are that it be busy and a higher price point. Talking to and observing the sushi… Read the full article ›

Online Poker Vs Live Poker

Online Poker vs Live Poker Poker enthusiasts will tell you that at times, online poker can be much more rewarding and better than poker in casinos. Both require poker strategy…. Read the full article ›

John Fisher Top Handicapper, Picks & Notes

I’m going with the Aggies to cover here. They have Size pace and enough scorers to maintain an arm length distance. 15 points means they will be blown out the… Read the full article ›

The Safest USA Online Casinos – Be Careful Who You Choose

The Safest USA Online Casinos – Be Careful Who You Choose US players, unlike European players, don’t have such a wide selection of online gambling sites because of the countries… Read the full article ›

New Las Vegas Arena Will Debut Huge UFC Show

New Las Vegas Arena Will Debut Huge UFC Show MGM Resorts World has always been at the forefront of entertainment in Las Vegas. It already has the MGM Garden Arena… Read the full article ›

Photos of Lone Mountain Hike

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Lone Mountain Hike

Las Vegas offers numerous nature excursions inside the city limits, including Lone Mountain Hike in West Las Vegas . Last Sunday there were around 100 folks on the trail.  It was a 75-degree, calm… Read the full article ›

Norwegian Woman Raped in Dubai – Then Sent to Prison for Reporting Incident and having Extramarital Sex

Norwegian businesswoman Marte Debora Alevly, 24, was raped in a Dubai hotel. When she reported the incident, she was booked for making having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and making a… Read the full article ›

Jay Z and Beyonce Attend NYC Rally for Trayvon Martin

No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! That was chanted at the rally for Trayvon Martin held in New York City today. I agree. It… Read the full article ›

Royal Baby Watch – Stunt by Tabloid Newspaper

Is it just me or are tabloids and paparazzi simply parasites of society? The Sun, a popular tabloid magazine in Britain, used two look-alikes to pull this stunt and grab… Read the full article ›