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Aria Poker Room

The Aria Poker Room, inside Aria Resort & Casino, offers a classy, comfortable atmosphere with nearly nonstop No Limit Hold’em, 1-3 and 2-5. You can also try daily and nightly tournaments at 1p.m…. Read the full article ›

Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Cigar & Spirits Magazine is a top shelf publication tailored to upscale gentlemen and discerning women. They cherish fine cigars, premium spirits, and good company. The magazine also features classy cigar… Read the full article ›

Piaget Event, 62 Gun Salute Scotch

So I received this email invite a few weeks back: Dear Brendan, are you 1 of 38?   Piaget North America has chosen you and a guest to attend our one-of-a-kind event,… Read the full article ›

A Classy Evening in Las Vegas

  A Classy Evening in Las Vegas, Short Story, Brendan Magone One of my favorite books as a child was the Choose Your Own Adventure series. As I reflect on… Read the full article ›

Finis Henderson, Rocks Lounge, Red Rock Resort

  I really enjoyed this show. Finis impersonates artists and performs songs from the 1950s to the year 2012. That’s over 60 years of music. One of my staff writers wrote a short article on… Read the full article ›

Wicked Tango at Pub 1842 MGM

  One of many marvelous aspects of Las Vegas is all the fun tastings! It’s easy to find your fancy among beer, vodka, whiskey, sake, tequila, moonshine, fine wine, and more…. Read the full article ›

Victor B Cohen, Personal Trainer

Here’s our top pick for a personal trainer in Las Vegas:  Victor B. Cohen. He’s old school, he’s new school. He’s been around several blocks and is still in tiptop… Read the full article ›

Dream Racing – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Dream Racing offers a thrilling, first-class driving experience inside race cars and supercars. Their lineup includes Ferraris, both GT and luxury, Lamborghinis, Porches, and McLarens. They provide professional instruction before… Read the full article ›

Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me

Classic song from a classic movie, The Breakfast Club. Simple Minds had several hits but this remains my favorite. Recently featured in Pitch Perfect, a fun, tongue-in-cheek flick with catchy… Read the full article ›

Ray’s Maserati at Roy’s Liquor Store

Roy’s Liquor Store has tastings every Friday from 5-7. Good times ensue. Don Pilar tequila, ZING vodka, Devotion vodka, fine wine, Kafie 1901 cigars, and friendly fun neighborhood people. Slideshow at bottom…. Read the full article ›