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Keystone Thrust, White Rock Area, Red Rock Canyon

Keystone Thrust, in the White Rock area of Red Rock Canyon, offers another spectacular short hike with open expansive views and a casual trail. White Rock is a little more... Read the full article ›

Calico Hills Ridgeline, Red Rock National Park

Want a cool Red Rock hike that avoids the crowds and long loop through Red Rock? Calico Hills Ridgeline. You can access it through Calico Basin, a mile before the... Read the full article ›

Summer & Fall Hiking — Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

Not just for winter, The Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is great for spring, summer, and fall hiking. Or just ride the summer chairlift with the family and have a... Read the full article ›

Private Pilates Instructor – Rolando Agnolin

Rolando Agnolin – B.A.S.I Certified Pilates Trainer – Private Pilates Instructor Contact Rolando:  Cell 702-280-5705 An extensive biography of Rolando is below in italics. I want to add one aspect,... Read the full article ›

Trail Canyon, Mount Charleston Area

Trail Canyon hike offers another aspen-lined and pine-filled excursion in the Mount Charleston area, a mere hour northwest of Las Vegas. The temperature averaged 75 degrees during my 2-hour hike, compared... Read the full article ›

Pine Creek Trail, Red Rock Canyon

Pine Creek Trail is another cool walkabout or hike in Red Rock Canyon. Located near the end of the one-way loop. The unusual appearance of Ponderosa Pines, a meandering creek with shadowed pools, and the... Read the full article ›

Valley of Fire, State Park

48 miles from Las Vegas, open year-round. Fun family-friendly day trip for walkabouts, hiking, picknicking, and photography. Last weekend’s weather was perfect; best avoid the summers. (If you want to get... Read the full article ›

Lone Mountain Hike

Las Vegas offers numerous nature excursions inside the city limits, including Lone Mountain Hike in West Las Vegas . Last Sunday there were around 100 folks on the trail.  It was a 75-degree, calm... Read the full article ›

Mount Charleston Area, Mary Jane Falls Hike

The Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, also known as Mount Charleston, provides a variety of outdoor activities only 40 minutes north of Las Vegas. Temperatures measure 20 to 30 degrees... Read the full article ›

Red Rock Canyon

Need some sun, fresh air, and exercise? Want to experience unique desert landscape 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip? Red Rock Canyon provides all this and more. I’ve hiked here over... Read the full article ›

Valley of Fire

Open all year, a fine day trip for hiking, picknicking, and photography. Try to visit before June!  Fall and spring are the best times. Attractions include 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyphs, amazing... Read the full article ›