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Trail Canyon, Mount Charleston Area

Ridge View of Limestone Peaks, Top of Trail Canyon, Mt Charleston Area NV

Trail Canyon hike offers another aspen-lined and pine-filled excursion in the Mount Charleston area, a mere hour northwest of Las Vegas. The temperature averaged 75 degrees during my 2-hour hike, compared… Read the full article ›

Pine Creek Trail, Red Rock Canyon

Bighorn Sheep on Pine Creek Trail, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Pine Creek Trail is another cool walkabout or hike in Red Rock Canyon. Located near the end of the one-way loop. The unusual appearance of Ponderosa Pines, a meandering creek with shadowed pools, and the… Read the full article ›

Valley of Fire, State Park

Valley of Fire, Rock Formations, State Park Nevada

48 miles from Las Vegas, open year-round. Fun family-friendly day trip for walkabouts, hiking, picknicking, and photography. Last weekend’s weather was perfect; best avoid the summers. (If you want to get… Read the full article ›