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2024 Chinese Grand Prix Preview

The Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024 is set to be an exhilarating race, returning to the Shanghai International Circuit from April 19-21. This marks F1’s return to Shanghai after several years, bringing with it all the high-speed excitement characteristic of Formula 1 racing.

Key Details:

  • Circuit Overview: The Shanghai International Circuit, known for its unique shape resembling the Chinese character ‘shang’, features a mix of tight turns and a long back straight, challenging drivers with its complex layout. The track is 5.451 km long, with the race covering 56 laps, translating into a total race distance of 305.066 km​.
  • Race Schedule:
    • The weekend kicks off with practice sessions followed by the qualifying rounds on April 20.
    • The main race takes place on April 21, promising a blend of strategic racing and raw speed​​.

Drivers to Watch:

  • Max Verstappen: Continuing his strong form, Verstappen is a favorite, having won three of the first four races of the season. His performance in the sprint races could be pivotal in setting the tone for the main event​​.
  • Local Favorite Zhou Guanyu: As a native, Zhou will be looking to make a significant impact at his home Grand Prix, aiming to capitalize on his knowledge of the track and local conditions​.

What to Expect:

This race is significant not just for its competitive aspect but also as a cultural spectacle, showcasing Shanghai’s vibrant city life alongside the high-octane racing event. For spectators, Grandstand K offers excellent views, particularly of the overtaking opportunities at the hairpin of Turns 14-15​ (Formula 1® – The Official F1® Website)​.

The Chinese Grand Prix will also be the first Sprint race of the 2024 season, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategic complexity to the weekend​.

For fans looking to dive deeper into race strategies, driver insights, and live updates, tuning into the official F1 broadcasting channels throughout the race weekend will provide comprehensive coverage and expert analysis. This Grand Prix is not just a race; it’s a showcase of skill, speed, and strategy, making it a must-watch for any Formula 1 enthusiast.



Formula 1联想中国大奖赛2024将在4月19日至21日回归上海国际赛车场,带来一场充满激情的比赛。这标志着F1多年后再次回到上海,带来了一场典型的一级方程式高速比赛。


  • 赛道概述:上海国际赛车场以其独特的形状而闻名,形状像汉字“上”,赛道混合了紧凑的弯道和长直线,其复杂的布局对车手们是一大挑战。赛道长5.451公里,比赛总共进行56圈,总赛程为305.066公里。
  • 赛程安排
    • 周末首先进行练习赛,然后是4月20日的排位赛。
    • 主赛事将在4月21日举行,将展示策略性赛车和原始速度的结合。


  • 马克斯·维斯塔潘:维斯塔潘保持着强劲的状态,是本赛季前四场比赛中赢得三场的大热门。他在短跑赛中的表现可能是为主赛设定基调的关键。
  • 当地车手周冠宇:作为本土车手,周将寻求在他的主场大奖赛中取得重大影响,利用他对赛道和当地条件的了解。





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