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A Few Health Food Tips

Three common groupings health experts use for foods are:

  1. Whole foods (an apple or potato, as is)
  2. Processed foods (2 or 3 ingredients, such butter or cottage cheese)
  3. Ultra-Processed foods (5+ ingredients and/or ingredients you can’t pronounce or are not commonly in kitchens)

I think of those 3 groups as 5 groups:

  1. Whole foods (grown yourself or by a local trusted farm)
  2. Whole foods GAP (GMO, Anti-bacterial, Pesticides)
  3. Processed from whole foods without GAP
  4. Processed from GAP whole foods
  5. Ultra-Processed

Moving from #2 to #1 ranges from difficult to impossible.  So does moving from #4 to #3.

It seems the most helpful first step is to eliminate #5, ultra-processed foods, and then improve where you can after that.  The ‘easiest’ improvements are washing pesticides off fruits & vegetables and finding local farms.  After that, you really must commit to a different lifestyle and possibly a different geographic region.

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