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AFC-NFC Pro Bowl News Summary – February 4th, 2024

The 2024 Pro Bowl Games, a thrilling showcase of the NFL’s top talents, culminated in an action-packed flag football game between the AFC and NFC, alongside a series of skill competitions that spanned multiple days. Held in Orlando, Florida, at the Camping World Stadium, this year’s event marked a return to the fan-favorite location with a revamped format that emphasized skill, strategy, and entertainment.

Game Highlights & Star Performances

The AFC emerged victorious over the NFC with a final score of 33-22 in the flag football game. A standout moment was when rookie C.J. Stroud connected with Ja’Marr Chase for a touchdown, amplifying the AFC’s lead and showcasing the dynamic potential of the league’s new talent. The game also featured a breathtaking one-handed interception by Denzel Ward in the end zone, denying the NFC a crucial scoring opportunity. This play was a testament to the athletic prowess and competitive spirit present at the Pro Bowl Games.

Jalen Hurts, representing the NFC, displayed versatility and skill, although his efforts were thwarted by the AFC’s strategic plays and the quick adaptation to the flag football format’s unique rules, such as a penalty for a fake blitz which stirred a lively debate between players and legends like Ray Lewis over the interpretation of the rules.

Skill Competitions & Notable Achievements

Prior to the flag football finale, the Pro Bowl Games week featured a variety of skill competitions, allowing players to showcase their talents beyond traditional football gameplay. Bryan Anger stood out as a dual-sport standout, winning the closest to the pin event in the golf competition, demonstrating that the skills of NFL athletes extend far beyond the gridiron.

Lesser-known players also seized the opportunity to shine. Steelers special teamer Miles Killebrew and Vikings long snapper Andrew DePaola made significant contributions to their teams’ efforts in the skills challenges, highlighting the important roles specialists play in the success of a football team.


The 2024 Pro Bowl Games not only celebrated the accomplishments of the league’s star players but also emphasized the depth of talent across the NFL. With innovative competitions, the event provided a unique and engaging experience for fans, offering a refreshing take on the traditional Pro Bowl format. As the NFL continues to evolve, the Pro Bowl Games serve as a vibrant reminder of the sport’s dynamic nature and the exceptional abilities of its athletes.

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