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Anastasia Vodka

AnestasiA Vodka, Karim Rashid

Anastasia Vodka is the common misspelling for AnestasiA Vodka, a luxury spirit that won several gold medals last year.

There is a large amount of traffic for both Anastasia and vodka, as you can imagine. Anastasia is the name of a historical Russian Princess and Grand Duchess, has been made into both movies and animated movies, and most recently, has received new attention thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray. The main female character is Anastasia Steele.

AnestasiA Vodka has also been capturing minds, hearts, and taste buds the last two years. It comes in a gorgeous, artistic bottle while offering premium, gluten-free vodka. AnestasiA Vodka (not Anastasia Vodka) has won gold medals from national and international tasting institutions as well as for its design and packaging.

Here are several links to point you in the right direction, cheers!

And a little more on the fun of AnestasiA Vodka vs. Anastasia Vodka:



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