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AnestasiA Vodka Scores 94 BTI “Exceptional”

AnestasiA Vodka recently captured its third gold medal in taste tests! This last gold is the greatest—it comes from America’s oldest and most prestigious spirits competition, the Beverage Tasting Institute. For the spirit industry, such a high score is synonymous with winning an Oscar or Pulitzer Prize. Now AnestasiA has won gold awards for its bottle design as well as its premium smooth product. Plus it’s American made. Triple threat! We knew AnestasiA was a top pick… 🙂

AnestasiA Vodka Scores 94 BTI Exceptional

From BTI: “The Beverage Testing Institute’s International Review of Spirits Competition is the most authoritative, most consistent, and most influential annual spirits competition in the United States. And despite the claims of some other “weekender” spirits events, BTI’s spirits competition was the first comprehensive, annual international spirits judging ever held in the United States. Throughout the year, the experts at the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) invite select members of the trade to join them as panelists in blind tastings of specific categories of spirits. Spirits producers and importers, large and small, from around the world and across the country participate in our ongoing spirits competition because they know that BTI conducts the most objective, consistent, and widely respected spirits reviews in America. Millions of consumers look to BTI’s spirits reviews on and elsewhere when making their spirits buying decisions. Retailers and distributors across the US closely watch our reviews when looking for products to carry.”

AnestasiA Vodka Competitive Set, 94 Exceptional BTI

P.S. Many new customers and clients mistakenly spell AnestasiA with four As, as in “AnastasiA Vodka.” Please note the proper spelling is ANESTASIA Vodka, a family name, coming from Mother Russia and over 200 years of vodka making. (Anastasia Vodka is a common understandable mistake, though, considering the Russian Princess Anastasia and the animated movies Anastasia, Fox & Disney.)

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