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Brendan Magone

Brendan Magone, 2012Brendan Magone, World Series of Poker 2012Brendan Magone, Red Rock Canyon, 2012Brendan Magone, Lifetime Fitness, Summerlin Las VegasBrendan Magone, Omni Limousine, SummerlinAdrienne Maloof & Brendan Magone, Maloof ZING & Cigar Party

Founder and Lead Writer for Las Vegas Top Picks.

MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Creative Writing Nonfiction; BA English; BA Drama.

Taught English in Asia 5 years — Kyoto, Japan & Jeonju, South Korea. Also Lead Teacher for UW Art Museum 1 year, enrichment program, combining writing and art.

Founded Big Sky Online, which provides copywriting, Word Press websites, blogging, social media, and SEO (search engine optimization) services.  Built and manage these websites: AnestasiA Lifestyle Blog, Totally Green, Totally Green Bottles & Caps, and Paper Connexion, along with Las Vegas Top Picks.,,,

Originally from Whitefish and Missoula, Montana. “A River Runs Through It.” Loves the outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, exercise, reading, traveling, chess, scrabble, poker, dancing, and meeting interesting people.


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