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Canada’s Game Plan: Defensive Discipline and Counter-Attacks Key to Upsetting Argentina

Canada will likely employ a defensive 4-4-2 formation and look to frustrate Argentina by denying space through the middle and forcing play out wide. Their key strategies could include:

  1. Sitting deep in a compact defensive shape to limit space for Messi to operate in the final third. Messi thrives on finding pockets of space, so Canada must remain disciplined positionally.
  2. Using the pace of Alphonso Davies and Tajon Buchanan on the counter-attack to exploit any spaces left by Argentina’s fullbacks getting forward. Quick transitions will be crucial for Canada’s chances.
  3. Having the midfield duo of Ismaël Koné and Stephen Eustáquio disrupt Argentina’s buildup play through the middle with an aggressive pressing approach when possible. Limiting service to Messi will be key.
  4. Defending set pieces resolutely, an area Canada has struggled with previously. Argentina has quality delivery from players like Messi.
  5. Remaining compact defensively and forcing Argentina to play in front of them, limiting space in behind for the likes of Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez to exploit.

While Canada will likely have limited possession, their defensive organization, counter-attacking threat, and ability to limit Messi’s influence could give them an outside chance of an upset.

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