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Casino Profile, Treasure Island

Introduction to Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas

Treasure Island, commonly referred to as TI, is a renowned resort and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. Famed for its vibrant atmosphere, extensive gaming options, and top-notch entertainment, it stands as a prime destination for locals and tourists alike. This article delves into the various facets of the Treasure Island Casino, focusing on its table games, betting limits, atmosphere, and other key features.

Vibrant Atmosphere and Elegant Setting

As soon as you step into Treasure Island Casino, you are greeted by a lively and exhilarating atmosphere, indicative of the classic Las Vegas vibe. The casino’s design is a blend of modern and traditional elements, creating a space that is both sophisticated and welcoming. With an array of lights, sounds, and activity, it provides an immersive experience for every visitor.

Diverse Range of Table Games

Treasure Island Casino prides itself on offering a wide variety of table games to cater to the preferences of all gamblers. From classic options such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps, to more unique choices like Pai Gow Poker and Let It Ride, there is something for everyone.

Blackjack: TI features a number of Blackjack tables with varying limits to accommodate both high rollers and casual players. The casino also offers different variants of the game, ensuring a diverse gaming experience.

Roulette: Visitors can enjoy American Roulette at the casino, with options for both low and high stakes. The tables are run by professional croupiers, ensuring a seamless and exciting game.

Craps: Known for its high-energy environment, the Craps tables at Treasure Island are a hit among gamblers. The casino provides comprehensive guides and friendly dealers to assist newcomers to the game.

Poker: TI boasts a variety of Poker options, including Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Poker enthusiasts can enjoy competitive play in a lively setting.

Baccarat: For those seeking a more refined gaming experience, Baccarat is available, providing a touch of elegance to the casino floor.

High-Stakes Gaming and Betting Limits

Treasure Island Casino caters to a wide range of betting preferences, offering both low-limit games for recreational players and high-stakes options for serious gamblers. The betting limits vary across table games, ensuring that every visitor can find a game that suits their budget.

VIP and High Roller Experience

For those looking to indulge in high-stakes gaming, Treasure Island offers an exclusive VIP experience. High rollers can enjoy private gaming salons, personalized service, and elevated betting limits, creating a luxurious and private gaming environment.

Engaging Slot Machines and Electronic Games

In addition to table games, Treasure Island Casino features a vast selection of slot machines and electronic games. From classic slots to the latest video slots, the variety ensures that slot enthusiasts are never short of options. The casino also offers progressive jackpots, providing players with the chance to win big.

Dining and Entertainment

No experience at Treasure Island is complete without exploring its dining and entertainment options. The resort boasts a range of restaurants, bars, and lounges, catering to diverse culinary preferences. Visitors can enjoy live performances, shows, and events, adding an extra layer of excitement to their casino experience.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Destination on the Las Vegas Strip

Treasure Island Casino stands out as a premier gambling and entertainment destination in Las Vegas. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse gaming options, and impeccable service, it provides a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for all visitors. Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a casual player, Treasure Island promises a memorable adventure in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Treasure Island Casino: A Comprehensive Guide

Treasure Island is a popular casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, known for its pirate-themed facade and entertaining atmosphere. The casino floor is relatively small compared to other Strip casinos, but it offers a wide variety of games and table limits to appeal to players of all budgets and skill levels.

Table Games

Treasure Island offers a wide range of table games, including:

  • Blackjack: Minimum bets start at $5 and go up to $25,000.
  • Craps: Minimum bets start at $5 and go up to $10,000.
  • Roulette: Minimum bets start at $1 and go up to $5,000.
  • Baccarat: Minimum bets start at $25 and go up to $100,000.
  • Mini-baccarat: Minimum bets start at $10 and go up to $5,000.
  • Pai Gow Poker: Minimum bets start at $10 and go up to $5,000.
  • Three Card Poker: Minimum bets start at $10 and go up to $5,000.
  • Let It Ride: Minimum bets start at $10 and go up to $5,000.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: Minimum bets start at $10 and go up to $5,000.

Table Limits

Table limits at Treasure Island vary depending on the game and the time of day. However, as a general rule of thumb, minimum bets tend to be lower during the day and higher at night. Here are some examples of typical table limits:

  • Blackjack: $5-$25,000
  • Craps: $5-$10,000
  • Roulette: $1-$5,000
  • Baccarat: $25-$100,000
  • Mini-baccarat: $10-$5,000
  • Pai Gow Poker: $10-$5,000
  • Three Card Poker: $10-$5,000
  • Let It Ride: $10-$5,000
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: $10-$5,000


Treasure Island offers a fun and inviting atmosphere for casino players of all ages. The casino floor is well-lit and spacious, with plenty of room to move around and play your favorite games. The dealers are friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always happy to help you learn how to play a new game or improve your strategy.

Other Highlights

In addition to its table games and slots, Treasure Island also offers a number of other casino amenities, including:

  • High-limit room: Treasure Island has a high-limit room for players who want to bet big. The room features a variety of table games, including blackjack, baccarat, and craps.
  • Sportsbook: Treasure Island has a sportsbook where you can bet on your favorite sports teams. The sportsbook offers a variety of betting options, including spreads, moneylines, and totals.
  • Race and sportsbook bar: The race and sportsbook bar is a great place to watch live sporting events and place bets. The bar offers a variety of food and drinks, and it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.


Treasure Island Casino is a great option for casino players of all budgets and skill levels. The casino offers a wide variety of table games and slots, as well as a high-limit room and sportsbook. The atmosphere is fun and inviting, and the dealers are friendly and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a fun and exciting casino experience, Treasure Island is the place for you.

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