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College Lacrosse Games, Previews and AI Predictions, April 4-10, 2024

Here’s a comprehensive preview of the upcoming college lacrosse games for the week starting April 4, 2024. This guide includes game predictions, analysis, and highlights of key players for each matchup. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or just looking to catch some exciting games, this preview has got you covered.

Saturday, April 6:

  • North Carolina vs. Virginia at 12:00 pm on ESPNU
  • Penn State vs. Johns Hopkins at 2:00 pm on ESPNU
  • Drexel vs. Stony Brook at 2:30 pm on FloSports

Sunday, April 7:

  • Notre Dame vs. Duke at 12:00 pm on ACCN
  • Rutgers vs. Michigan at 7:00 pm on BTN

Wednesday, April 10:

  • Siena vs. Marist at 8:00 pm on ESPNU

Predictions and Analysis:

  • North Carolina vs. Virginia: This is a classic ACC rivalry game. Both teams have strong offenses, but Virginia’s defense might give them the edge. Prediction: Virginia wins.
  • Penn State vs. Johns Hopkins: Penn State has been impressive this season, but Johns Hopkins always poses a tough challenge. Prediction: Penn State wins in a close game.
  • Drexel vs. Stony Brook: Drexel has shown some inconsistency, while Stony Brook has been solid. Prediction: Stony Brook wins.
  • Notre Dame vs. Duke: Another ACC showdown. Duke’s balanced attack could be the difference-maker. Prediction: Duke wins.
  • Rutgers vs. Michigan: Rutgers has been on a roll, and they should be able to handle Michigan. Prediction: Rutgers wins.
  • Siena vs. Marist: Marist has a strong team this year, and they should be able to take down Siena. Prediction: Marist wins.

Player Highlights:

  • Keep an eye on North Carolina’s Chris Gray, who has been a scoring machine this season. Virginia’s Payton Cormier is another player to watch, known for his powerful shots. Penn State’s Mac O’Keefe and Johns Hopkins’ Joey Epstein are both key players for their respective teams, known for their goal-scoring abilities.
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