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Daily 5 News Stories, June 25th, 2024

  1. Extreme Weather: Minnesota Dam on the Brink

High water levels at the Rapidan Dam on the Blue Earth River in Mankato, Minnesota, have put the structure in “imminent failure condition,” according to Blue Earth County officials. Despite this critical status, there are currently no plans for a mass evacuation as emergency crews work tirelessly to manage the situation. Over the weekend, severe flooding wreaked havoc across the Midwest, resulting in at least one fatality in South Dakota and prompting numerous rescue operations.

  1. Supreme Court: Major Decisions on the Horizon

The Supreme Court is set to deliver significant rulings this week on contentious issues including abortion rights, gun regulations, and former President Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity. The court’s decision on Trump’s immunity will hinge on whether his post-2020 election actions were official presidential duties or private endeavors. Additionally, the court will hear the Biden administration’s challenge to state bans on transgender care for minors, a complex and highly debated issue.

  1. Julian Assange: Plea Deal Reached

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge in exchange for avoiding prison time in the United States. This deal concludes a long-running saga that began with the publication of nearly half a million classified US military documents. Assange, who has been detained in a UK prison for the past five years, will eventually return to Australia as a free man after making a court appearance in a remote US territory in the Pacific.

  1. North Korea: Trash Balloons Escalate Tensions

North Korea has launched another wave of balloons filled with waste into South Korea, intensifying the already high tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Over 1,000 such balloons have been sent since May, part of a tit-for-tat exchange with the South’s leaflet campaigns critical of the North Korean regime. The situation remains tense as North Korea strengthens its military ties with Russia and pledges to expand its nuclear arsenal.

  1. Space Race: China’s Lunar Mission Success

China’s Chang’e-6 lunar module has returned to Earth, completing a historic mission to collect samples from the far side of the moon. This achievement marks a significant milestone for China’s ambitious space program. President Xi Jinping hailed the mission as a landmark in China’s quest to become a leading power in space exploration. As China plans to send astronauts to the moon by 2030, the US is gearing up for its own crewed lunar mission, “Artemis,” which could launch as early as 2026.

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