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Dallas Stars Launch Future Stars Program with Community Gym Revamp

The Dallas Stars have long championed inclusion and community engagement, and on Tuesday, they took another significant step forward with their Future Stars program.

The team celebrated the grand opening of a newly renovated gym at the Cedar Springs Boys and Girls Club, marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event featured a pep rally and an exciting opportunity for club members to play ball hockey with Stars alumni.

A Community-Driven Transformation

The gym’s refurbishment includes new ball hockey equipment, a state-of-the-art scoreboard, fresh paint, and vibrant decorations. This project is part of the Dallas Stars’ Future Stars program, which aims to introduce hockey to various communities across the Metroplex through partnerships with Boys and Girls Clubs and local schools.

Al Montoya, Dallas Stars Vice President of Cultural Growth and Strategy, emphasized the importance of this initiative. “We are always looking for ways to introduce the game to kids. It’s about being inclusive and making the game available for so many,” he said.

Expanding Hockey’s Reach

In addition to local efforts, the Dallas Stars are working on expanding hockey’s reach into Mexico, aiming to connect with under-represented communities both locally and internationally. This initiative is part of a broader collaboration with the National Hockey League, focused on introducing hockey to as many students as possible.

DeRon Bethea, BGCD Athletics Director, expressed his excitement about the program. “We are super excited to bring the game of street hockey to our Club kids, many of whom may not have otherwise been introduced to the sport without this program. We’re truly honored to partner with the Dallas Stars and our hope is to grow the program to many more of our Clubs,” he said.

Building a Future for All

The Future Stars program exemplifies the Dallas Stars’ commitment to fostering an inclusive community through sports. By providing access to hockey and promoting physical activity, the team hopes to inspire a new generation of players and fans.

Through initiatives like the gym refurbishment and international outreach, the Dallas Stars continue to lead by example, demonstrating the power of sports to unite and uplift communities. The Future Stars program is not just about hockey; it’s about building a brighter future for everyone involved.

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