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David Pastrnak Stands Up for Bruins in Heated Playoff Clash with Panthers

In a game marked more by intensity than the final score, David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins showcased a rare display of combativeness during Wednesday night’s playoff game against the Florida Panthers. Despite the Bruins trailing significantly with the Panthers leading 6-1 late in the second game of the series, the atmosphere was charged, culminating in Pastrnak dropping gloves with Florida’s noted agitator, Matthew Tkachuk.

This altercation, only Pastrnak’s second fight of his career, was sparked after Tkachuk landed several contentious hits, prompting Pastrnak to retaliate even as referees intervened. The clash led to both players receiving penalties for fighting and game misconducts, signaling an early end to their night along with several teammates who had already been dismissed for various infractions.

The scuffle was not impulsive. Pastrnak had previously signaled to Boston’s head coach, Jim Montgomery, his intent to engage with Tkachuk, a decision unusual for the high-scoring forward. Montgomery expressed support for Pastrnak’s spirited response after the game. “I’m really proud of Pasta,” Montgomery remarked. “You want your players to show they’re competitors, especially in challenging situations.”

Paul Maurice, the Panthers’ coach, also praised the spirit of the confrontation, labeling it as “awesome.”

Pastrnak, modest about his fighting skills, emphasized his readiness to defend his teammates, stating, “I can take a punch and I’d do anything for these guys here.”

The game itself was fraught with penalties, accumulating 136 penalty minutes in the last 10 minutes alone, highlighting the rising tensions between the two teams. Key players like Brad Marchand, Charlie McAvoy, and others from both teams were sent off, setting a tense backdrop for the upcoming games in Boston.

This fiery exchange occurred shortly after a provocative goal celebration by the Panthers’ Brandon Montour, which incensed the Bruins further, leading to multiple on-ice confrontations and misconduct penalties.

While the Bruins may have lost the game, the brawl, especially Pastrnak’s unexpected fight, injected a surge of energy into the team. It served as a clear statement of unity and resilience, indicating that the Bruins were not going to be easily dominated by the Panthers, setting the stage for what promises to be a highly charged Game 3 back in Boston. This ongoing rivalry, fueled by last year’s playoff ousting of Boston by Florida, adds an extra layer of anticipation for the next face-off.

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