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Don’t call it a comeback — John Fisher has been handicapping winners for years

Another two winners, yesterday’s notes:

Yes Belmont has the Killer Bs in Braddshaw and Bradds and a much more efficient offense. But they play defense loosely and rely on their offense to win them games. It’s working. However, when I see another team that is used to winning and has go,to players , plays better defense and are DD dogs I will back them all the time. In this case Belmont pulls off a 8 point win after hitting a couple of FTs at the end of the game. 4 stars] Dog Tennessee State

WINNER….Tennessee State +11.5
Belmont 103-95

Amazing Belmont was up 20 but gives up,56 second half points. We will take it.

I like the way Syracuse has played in their last three games. They beat Duke in Cameron and they showed toughness. Their zone has been improving. Virginia is a good team but they are missing something on the defensive end. I just don’t think they have the ability to knock out a team like Syracuse that will fight until the end. I’m taking the 9.5 points. 5 stars

WINNER Syracuse +9.5 COVERS as they hit 13 threes to stay Close untill the end. Virginia 73-65 Gives us a nice 4-1 day in College Hoops!

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