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Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Cadillac CTS

Our top pick for renting a car in Las Vegas is Enterprise. Solid service, attractive cars, and they will pick you up if need be. Slideshow at bottom.

Recently my car required major repairs, so I shopped around and went with Enterprise. Since I had some important business to do around Las Vegas, I chose a luxury car, the Cadillac CTS, and enjoyed a first-class ride for a week. Enterprise was friendly and helpful on the phone, then sent someone to pick me up. He was dressed in full suit and tie. I appreciated their going the extra mile.

Another cool surprise, he said I need not gas it back up before dropoff, as their charge per gallon was actually cheaper than present gas prices. Wow. How often does that happen? Usually one is slammed with higher prices plus refueling fee.

The Cadillac was fast, elegant, with superior handling. The only time I’ve experience a better ride was with Omni Limousine and their Mercedes S350. The Cadillac CTS was well worth the week’s price; for those zipping around Vegas, what better way to compliment your trip?

Video of Cadillac CTS

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