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Glitz, Glam, and Glide: Your Guide to the Las Vegas Monorail in 2024 (Super Bowl Ready!)

The Las Vegas Strip pulsates with energy, its iconic hotels and casinos beckoning visitors from around the world. But navigating this vibrant stretch on foot can be daunting, especially with the desert heat and the sheer scale of the place. Enter the Las Vegas Monorail, your sleek and convenient ticket to conquering the Strip without breaking a sweat.

What is the Las Vegas Monorail?

Think of it as a personal sightseeing tour on rails. The Monorail is a 3.9-mile elevated train system that whisks you between seven key stops along the Strip, offering panoramic views and bypassing the hustle and bustle below. Forget traffic jams and long walks under the sun; hop on the Monorail and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to explore.

Why Choose the Monorail?


  • Seven stations: MGM Grand, Horseshoe/Paris Las Vegas, Flamingo/Caesars Palace, Harrah’s/The LINQ, Las Vegas Convention Center, Westgate Las Vegas, and SAHARA Las Vegas.
  • Frequent service: Trains arrive every 4-8 minutes, minimizing wait times.
  • Easy access: Stations are conveniently located within or adjacent to major hotels and attractions.
  • Luggage-friendly: Spacious cars and dedicated storage areas accommodate your travel essentials.


  • Air-conditioned trains: Escape the desert heat and enjoy a comfortable ride.
  • Clean and safe environment: Well-maintained facilities ensure a pleasant travel experience.
  • Panoramic views: Take in the sights of the Strip from a unique vantage point.


  • Multiple ticket options: Choose from single-ride tickets, multi-day passes, and express passes for groups.
  • Discounts available: Nevada residents and online purchases enjoy special offers.
  • Avoid parking fees and taxi fares: Save money on transportation costs.

Super Bowl LVIII Ready!

Mark your calendars for February 11th, 2024, as Allegiant Stadium hosts Super Bowl LVIII! The Monorail is gearing up for the influx of football fans, with increased service and dedicated shuttles connecting key hotels to the stadium. Whether you’re attending the game or soaking up the Super Bowl atmosphere, the Monorail will be your reliable transportation partner.

Additional Tips:

  • Purchase tickets online: Save time and potentially snag discounts.
  • Download the Monorail app: Access real-time arrival information and navigate the system with ease.
  • Consider multi-day passes: Explore the Strip at your own pace and maximize your savings.
  • Ask for assistance: Friendly staff are available to answer your questions and guide you.

Ready to soar above the Strip in style and comfort? The Las Vegas Monorail awaits, offering a stress-free and enjoyable way to experience the magic of this iconic city. So, pack your bags, grab your tickets, and let the Monorail be your guide to an unforgettable Las Vegas adventure!

Remember: Update this information closer to the Super Bowl date to reflect any changes in service or schedule.

I hope this comprehensive article helps you plan your Las Vegas trip and make the most of the Las Vegas Monorail!

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Exploring the Las Vegas Monorail: A Visitor’s Guide to Convenient Strip Travel

Introduction to the Las Vegas Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail presents an efficient, quick, and enjoyable transportation solution along the Las Vegas Strip, connecting visitors to major resorts, casinos, and entertainment venues without the hassle of traffic jams. Operating along a 3.9-mile route, the monorail system offers seven stations: SAHARA Las Vegas, Westgate, Boingo Station at Las Vegas Convention Center, Harrah’s & The LINQ, Flamingo & Caesars Palace, Horseshoe/Paris, and MGM Grand, ensuring that guests can easily access the heart of Vegas excitement​​.

Monorail Highlights and Features

  • Fast and Frequent Service: Trains arrive every 4-8 minutes, providing a seamless experience for travelers looking to explore the Strip​​.
  • Strategic Station Locations: Stations are strategically located near key attractions and hotels, making it easy to navigate the Strip’s best sites​​.
  • Affordable and Convenient Tickets: The monorail offers various ticketing options, including mobile ticketing and group discounts, ensuring that there’s a convenient and cost-effective choice for every visitor​​.

Super Bowl 2024 and the Monorail

For visitors coming to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl 2024, the Las Vegas Monorail represents an ideal transportation option to navigate the city efficiently. While specific details regarding the monorail’s operations during the Super Bowl 2024 were not available, the monorail’s consistent service during major events, including conventions and entertainment shows, suggests it will play a crucial role in facilitating movement around the Strip during this high-profile event. Past events have seen the monorail successfully manage increased ridership, demonstrating its capability to handle large crowds​​.

Tips for Monorail Riders

  • Planning Your Route: Before boarding, familiarize yourself with the monorail’s stations and map out your destinations to make the most of your journey along the Strip.
  • Purchasing Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at vending machines located at the stations, online, or through mobile apps, offering both convenience and the opportunity to secure discounts for advance purchases​​.
  • Accessibility: The Las Vegas Monorail is designed to be accessible, ensuring that all visitors, including those with disabilities, can enjoy the benefits of this transportation system.


The Las Vegas Monorail not only offers a practical way to avoid the Strip’s often congested roads but also adds a unique element to the Las Vegas experience. Whether you’re visiting for the Super Bowl, a convention, or simply to enjoy the myriad attractions Las Vegas has to offer, the monorail provides a reliable, enjoyable, and efficient way to explore the city.

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