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Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

This started off the 90s with a cool, smooth sound, even though he stole a bit from Queen’s “Under Pressure”. Fun clever rap, from a white boy no less; another surprise, he could dance. Hey, Fred Astaire was white too. Some of us white folk can dance, just not the majority, ha.

Born Robert Matthew Van Winkle–say that fast three times–this song would be his biggest hit. He made a few noteworthy comebacks over the years with various endeavors, including the reality TV show, The Vanilla Ice Project.

I was eighteen when this song came out. Played it a thousand times. Fast-forward sixteen years, I’m going to graduate school in the tiny town of Laramie, Wyoming. I’m at a bar with an adjacent dance floor, enjoying a few pints alongside fellow classmates and my girlfriend. The young DJ surprises the mostly young crowd, 20-23 year olds, by playing this track. I thought I may have to mask how much I still liked this silly song, however, the young kids went crazy and the dance floor filled up fast!

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