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Iraqi Dinar – Dinar Currency

Iraqi Dinar Currency, Website Snapshot

If you’ve decided to purchase or invest in the Iraqi Diner, you should be wary of numerous scams and suspicious websites out there. For a reputable website, we prefer, as they are registered with the U.S. Treasury and have a history of positive customer service. They also use a De La Rue / Talaris Counting authentication machine.


The Iraqi Dinar, like Iraq itself, is a hot topic these days. Will it appreciate or depreciate? I’m not sure. But for fun I recently acquired 56,800 Iraqi Diner (worth a little less than $50).

They are cool and colorful to look at. I’ve enjoyed foreign coins and currency since my youth.

Iraqi Dinar 56,800

Some individuals think the Iraqi Dinar will undergo a revaluation, and someday one dinar will be worth one dollar, or more. Before the Gulf War, 1 Iraqi Dinar was worth around 3.20 US Dollars. Today 1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.00086 US Dollar.  It is true Iraq has considerable oil assets, and have recently heavily increased its gold assets. This March Iraq’s Central Bank bought approximately 36 tons of high-purity gold bullion.

That said, it seems far-fetched to most economists that something like this would happen. And they lean towards redenomination over revaluation. Recently both Forbes and Investopedia put out articles saying it’s a poor and risky investment. Many websites and TV news stations claim people are getting scammed.

Yet, here’s a video from 2009 with Jim Cramer on Mad Money recommending the Iraqi Dinar currency as a play.

And, Bitcoin was once called a huge scam, and then some people struck oil. And the potential value of the Iraqi Dinar could be huge — perhaps a kind of lottery ticket?

Full Set, Dinar Currency

Another analogy might be comparing the Iraqi Dinar to a penny stock. One should never invest what they can’t afford to lose. And penny stocks usually fail, though every blue moon one skyrockets.

After exploring some of the chat rooms and forums on the Iraqi Dinar, this reinforces my comparison to penny stocks. Penny stock forums are often full of deceptive individuals who are paid to “pump and dump” as they say. They claim the stock is ready to launch any day now. Think Wolf on Wall Street. In Iraqi Dinar forums, many members have been saying the Iraqi Dinar would skyrocket “any day now” for over 10 years. That’s a lot of pumping. Also sad, and perhaps humorous, they often call these members “gurus”.

One should always do their own thorough research before purchasing an investment of any kind. If you have the money to invest, sometimes penny stocks are fun, you choose a bunch and hope one takes off.

After some of my own research, as far as a place to purchase Dinar Currency, I prefer Here’s a Certificate of Authenticity that you will receive with a purchase.

Certificate of Authenticity, Iraqi Dinar, Talaris


They also have a YouTube video on their YouTube Channel showing the counting and authentication machine that they use.

If you’re going to buy a lottery ticket, you should make sure you buy it from a trusted source!


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