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Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s Feud Takes Center Stage with a New Track

Kendrick Lamar has reignited the feud between him and Drake with a fiery new track titled “Euphoria,” addressing their long-standing rivalry with unfiltered intensity.

Earlier today, the LA-based rapper released a six-minute track, delivering a scathing takedown of Drake, both as a rapper and on a personal level. The track’s title not only references Drake’s involvement with the MAX drama “Euphoria,” but also reflects the relief Lamar likely feels in airing his grievances.

The feud between these two prominent hip-hop figures dates back over a decade, recently rekindled by a series of contentious diss tracks. “Euphoria” takes the rivalry to new heights, with Lamar’s calm, sinister delivery intensifying as he unleashes a torrent of criticism against Drake, ranging from attacks on his character to questioning his identity.

Lamar doesn’t hold back, addressing a variety of controversial topics:

  • Drake’s role as a father to his son,
  • His use of Toronto slang,
  • Alleged plastic surgery,
  • Accusations of being a snitch,
  • And even questioning his Blackness.

Despite the intensity of these insults, many of the accusations echo previous critiques from other rappers like Rick Ross, Megan Thee Stallion, and Pusha T. However, at 3:10, Lamar drops the poetic pretense and launches into a direct and visceral attack:

“I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk
I hate the way that you dress
I hate the way that you sneak diss
If I catch a flight it’s gonna be direct
We hate the b****** you f*** because they confuse themselves for real women
Notice I say, ‘We’
It’s not just me; I’m what the culture feeling”

This level of personal attack has been notably absent from recent rap beefs, which have felt more artificial and disconnected from the art form’s roots. In an era where even high-profile hip-hop feuds have felt lackluster, Lamar’s track brings back the raw emotion and confrontation that the genre has long been known for.

The feud had simmered for some time, reigniting in late March with Lamar’s jab at Drake and J. Cole on the track “Like That,” produced by Future and Metro Boomin. This led to a response from J. Cole with “7 Minute Drill,” though Cole soon bowed out of the feud, citing a lack of passion for the conflict.

Drake’s response came on April 19 with the track “Push Ups,” targeting Lamar’s pop-leaning features, his stature, and TDE’s tour sales, among other things. However, confusion ensued when some fans speculated the track was an AI-generated fake. The legitimacy was later confirmed, but Drake’s follow-up track, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” further blurred the lines by featuring AI-generated verses from Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg.

This move, though innovative, backfired, leading to a cease and desist order from the Shakur estate, removing the track from social media.

In contrast, Lamar’s “Euphoria” brings an authentic, old-school energy to the feud, serving as a reminder of the deeply personal nature of rap beefs. Free from gimmicks or artificial influences, the track’s raw intensity marks a potential turning point in this rivalry.

Whether this marks the end of the feud or just the beginning of a new chapter, “Euphoria” shows Lamar’s long-held animosity toward Drake in a way that cannot be imitated. The drama continues to unfold, and the question remains: what’s next for these two rap titans?

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