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Madame Web: Mixed Reactions in Early Reviews

With the release of Sony’s latest entry into the Spider-Verse, “Madame Web,” critics have delivered their verdicts. The film, starring Dakota Johnson as the titular clairvoyant, has sparked a range of reactions, leaving fans curious about whether it’s a hit or a miss.

What Critics are Loving

  • Dakota Johnson’s Performance: Many reviews applaud Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Cassandra Webb, aka Madame Web. Critics are praising her ability to bring depth and complexity to the character, despite the movie’s potential shortcomings.
  • Interesting Premise: The film’s underlying concept of a psychic with ties to the multiversal “web of life and destiny” has intrigued some reviewers. They find the potential for unique storylines and captivating connections to the wider Spider-Verse.
  • Potential for Franchise Development: Some critics see “Madame Web” as a promising foundation for further exploration of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Its potential for connecting characters and storylines could offer interesting expansion possibilities.

What Critics Find Underwhelming

  • Inconsistent Script and Pacing: A common criticism centers around the film’s uneven writing and pacing. Some reviewers cite awkward dialogue, rushed plot development, and inconsistent tone throughout the movie.
  • Underdeveloped Characters: Besides Johnson’s Madame Web, several critics express disappointment in the lack of depth given to supporting characters. They feel many figures in the film lack sufficient development and motivation.
  • Convoluted Plot: Some reviewers highlight that the plot, especially with its multiverse elements, may feel overly complex and difficult to follow for audiences not familiar with Spider-Man lore.

The Overall Consensus

The early reviews for “Madame Web” paint a picture of a film with significant potential but hindered by execution flaws. Dakota Johnson’s performance draws praise, but inconsistencies in story, character development, and the handling of complex concepts have left many critics underwhelmed.

While “Madame Web” offers some potential for fans of the Spider-Verse and those intrigued by its premise, a mixed critical reception suggests the film may ultimately struggle to make a significant impact within Sony’s growing franchise.

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Madame Web: A Cinematic Journey into the Marvel Universe


“Madame Web,” the latest entry into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU), marks a significant departure from the typical superhero genre. Directed by S.J. Clarkson, the film stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a clairvoyant heroine navigating the complexities of her powers alongside a diverse cast. Despite its anticipation, “Madame Web” has faced mixed reactions from critics upon its release.

Storyline and Characters

The film unfolds as a suspense-driven thriller, diverging from the typical action-packed superhero narrative. Cassandra Webb, portrayed by Dakota Johnson, is a Manhattan paramedic with potential clairvoyant abilities. Throughout the movie, Webb is forced to confront her past and establish connections with three young women, each destined for powerful futures. The ensemble cast includes Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor, and others in pivotal roles, weaving a story of destiny, power, and survival​​.

Critical Reception

Upon its release, “Madame Web” received a generally unfavorable metascore of 30 based on 19 critic reviews on Metacritic. The breakdown reveals a stark division among critics: 11% positive, 37% mixed, and 53% negative reviews. Despite the criticism, some reviews highlighted the film’s breezy pacing and unique visual style as refreshing elements in the oversaturated comic book movie landscape. However, the majority criticized its script for overcrowding with extraneous characters and failing to fully utilize the talent of its cast​​.

Production Insights

The development of “Madame Web” began after Sony Pictures’ success with the Marvel Comics-based film “Morbius.” S.J. Clarkson was brought on board to direct, marking Sony’s first female-centric Marvel film. The film’s narrative strategy aimed to explore Madame Web’s clairvoyant abilities in a thriller format, offering a fresh take on superhero storytelling. Dakota Johnson’s casting as the titular character underscored Sony’s intention to bring depth and relatability to the role. The production phase sought to blend a grounded and human reality with the fantastical elements of the Marvel universe​​.


“Madame Web” represents a bold attempt to expand the SSU with a character-driven, suspenseful narrative that challenges conventional superhero tropes. Despite the mixed critical reception, the film’s attempt to offer a unique visual and narrative experience within the Marvel universe is undeniable. As audiences and fans of the genre seek diversity in storytelling and character development, “Madame Web” may yet find its audience and establish a new direction for future superhero films.

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