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March Madness News Summary – March 18, 2024

The excitement for March Madness 2024 intensifies with the announcement of the men’s NCAA tournament schedule. Following Selection Sunday on March 17, the tournament is set to deliver thrilling basketball action. Here’s a detailed look at the schedule and key highlights:

  • Selection Sunday: Occurred on March 17, with the selection show broadcasted at 6 p.m. ET on CBS.
  • First Four: Games are scheduled for March 19-20, marking the beginning of tournament play.
  • First Round: Set for March 21-22, where the field begins to narrow as teams vie for a spot in the second round.
  • Second Round: Taking place on March 23-24, further reducing the number of contenders.
  • Sweet 16: Scheduled for March 28-29, where the competition heats up as teams battle for a spot in the Elite Eight.
  • Elite Eight: Set for March 30-31, determining which teams will advance to the Final Four.
  • Final Four: Slated for April 6 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
  • NCAA Championship Game: Scheduled for April 8, also at State Farm Stadium, where the national champion will be crowned.

Key Matchups and Teams to Watch

The tournament kicks off with the First Four, featuring matchups like (16) Wagner vs. (16) Howard and (10) Colorado State vs. (10) Virginia. The first round promises exciting games across various venues, with teams like (1) North Carolina, (2) Arizona, and (3) Kentucky looking to make deep runs.

Star Players and Teams

While the summary doesn’t highlight specific star players, teams like North Carolina, Arizona, and Kentucky are known for their talent-rich rosters. Players from these schools are expected to make significant impacts, drawing attention from fans and scouts alike.

Venues and Future Sites

The men’s tournament games will be hosted in various cities, including Dayton, Ohio for the First Four, with subsequent rounds in locations like Brooklyn, Charlotte, Indianapolis, and more. The Final Four and championship game will bring the excitement to Glendale, Arizona, at State Farm Stadium.

Looking Ahead

The NCAA has also outlined future Final Four sites, with the tournament set to visit cities like San Antonio, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Las Vegas in the coming years. This forward-looking approach allows fans, cities, and teams to prepare for the excitement of March Madness well in advance.


As March Madness 2024 unfolds, the men’s NCAA tournament is poised to deliver unforgettable moments and thrilling basketball action. With the schedule set and teams ready to compete, fans are in for a treat as they follow their favorite teams and players through the highs and lows of the tournament, culminating in the championship game on April 8.

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March Madness 2024: The Road to Glory

March Madness 2024: Game Results for March 17th

Round of 64 Highlights The excitement of March Madness continued with several key matchups on March 17th. Here are the results from the Round of 64:

  • Michigan State vs. USC: Michigan State triumphed over USC with a score of 72-62.
  • Xavier vs. Kennesaw State: Xavier edged out Kennesaw State, finishing at 72-67.
  • Baylor vs. UC Santa Barbara: Baylor secured a win against UC Santa Barbara with a score of 74-56.
  • Saint Mary’s vs. VCU: Saint Mary’s came out on top against VCU, ending the game at 63-51.
  • Marquette vs. Vermont: Marquette defeated Vermont, with the final score being 78-61.

The Tournament Kicks Off March Madness is upon us, and the excitement is palpable. The NCAA tournament has begun, with teams across the nation vying for the coveted national championship. The First Four have set the stage, and now the full-fledged action of Round 1 is underway.

Star Players to Watch This year’s tournament is teeming with talent, but a few star players have caught the eye of fans and analysts alike:

  • Zach Edey, the towering center from Purdue, is poised to become the first back-to-back national player of the year since the early ’80s.
  • Dalton Knecht of Tennessee and R.J. Davis of North Carolina are also players who have the potential to become March Madness heroes.
  • Jamal Shead of Houston and Donovan Clingan of UConn are other notable names that could make significant impacts for their teams.

Teams Making Waves Several teams have already made headlines with their performances:

  • UAB is trending toward being an automatic qualifier out of the American Athletic Conference.
  • Auburn has secured a spot in the tournament with its win over Florida in the SEC Tournament final.
  • Duquesne defeated VCU in the Atlantic 10 Championship, punching its ticket to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1976.

Schedule and Expectations The tournament began with the First Four on March 19, and will continue through to the championship game on April 8. The first round games are set for March 21-22, followed by the second round on March 23-24. The Sweet 16 and Elite Eight will take place in the last week of March, setting the stage for the Final Four and the national championship in early April.

Conclusion March Madness 2024 promises to be a thrilling ride, with unexpected turns and unforgettable performances. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on these star players and teams as they battle it out on the court for the ultimate prize in college basketball.

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