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MLB Opening Day

The overs are 6-3 after the 9 Day games on MLB opening day. Four games remain this evening. Most teams start their best pitcher on opening day so one might expect scoring to be low. So far that is not the case. 

UPDATE 3/29:
The overs finished 9-4 on opening day in MLB yesterday.  Everyone starts their ace pitchers on open day, so this performance by the overs was truly surprising.  Yesterday there was only 1 game with an over-under above 8.5.  Today, with mostly #2 pitchers throwing, there are only 2 of the 10 games with totals over 8.5.  It will be interesting to watch the totals unfold today.

UPDATE 3/30:
The overs finished 7-3 friday, which was day 2 of the MLB season. That’s 16-7 for the season.

UPDATE 3/31:
The overs finished 11-4 Saturday. That’s 27-11 for the #mlb season. Sunday and Monday will see the worst 2 pitchers for most teams. Will the books start adjusting the lines upward? 

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