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Money Leader John Fisher, Pro HC, Game Notes December 27

Maryland 87-67 last second three pointer kills the 22 spread…Maryland cleared bench and Marshall kept starters in game fouled Md to get ball back and cover very fishey..Double loss by just 2pts

TERPS did too many drives and kick,outs and Carter decided to play horse from three point line. Md had ball with nine seconds left and Coach from Marshall yelled to foul Auslander. They did and Auslander missed one in one and G Browning and the rest of starters( Marshall never substituted for,their scrubs) set up final 3 point play to cover. UNBELIEVABLE. MARSHALL And UNDER HIT….SHARPS WIN WE LOSE TODAY BY 2 pts.
Maryland -22
Maryland 87-67

Both teams have clinched the playoffs so look for a more conservative game approach from both teams. They could be playing each other come playoffs so don’t expect them to give away their play books here. Depending on make up of game look for both teams to also sub in some reserves throughout the game. Just don’t see the Over threatening here. If this game meant something I had it 30-24 but today look for a 24-20 type finish from these two playoff bound teams. 10 STARS UNDER
Greenbay 8
Arizoma 38

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