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NBA Games April 22, Preview & AI Picks

Today’s NBA lineup for April 22, 2024, includes several gripping matchups as the first round of the playoffs continues. Here’s a quick preview and schedule for each game:

  1. New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers – The Knicks lead the series 1-0 and will host the 76ers at 7:30 PM ET on TNT. After a strong opening game, the Knicks look to maintain their momentum at home. Predicted winner: New York Knicks.
  2. Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers – Game 2 of this series sees the Nuggets leading 1-0. The game starts at 10:00 PM ET on TNT, with Denver looking to capitalize on their early series advantage in Los Angeles. Predicted winner: Denver Nuggets.
  3. Milwaukee Bucks vs. Indiana Pacers – The Bucks, leading the series 1-0, will face the Pacers at 8:30 PM ET on NBA TV. Milwaukee aims to use their home-court advantage to extend their lead. Predicted winner: Milwaukee Bucks.

Each of these games is crucial as teams fight for their place in the postseason, and the intensity is expected to be high. Fans can catch these games on national television or through streaming platforms like Sling TV, with coverage across various channels including TNT and NBA TV​.

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