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NC State Basketball: A Comprehensive Update as of March 17, 2024

NC State basketball has recently captivated the college basketball world with its miraculous run in the ACC Tournament, culminating in a historic victory that has sent ripples across the NCAA landscape. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wolfpack’s latest achievements and what lies ahead.

Miracle Run to ACC Championship

The Wolfpack completed an extraordinary journey through the ACC Tournament, securing their place in the NCAA Tournament with a series of stunning victories. The highlight of their campaign was an 84-76 win over their storied rival, UNC, in the tournament final. This victory was the culmination of five wins in five days, a testament to the team’s resilience, skill, and determination (source).

Impact on NCAA Tournament Bids

NC State’s unexpected ACC Tournament triumph has had significant implications for the NCAA Tournament landscape. By securing an automatic bid, the Wolfpack has added a layer of complexity to the selection process, potentially affecting the fate of other teams on the bubble. This development underscores the unpredictable nature of conference tournaments and their impact on March Madness (source).

Key Players and Performances

A standout performer for NC State has been DJ Burns Jr., whose contributions were pivotal in the ACC Tournament. Notably, Burns Jr. was honored for his performances during the tournament and even hit the first 3-pointer of his college career, a moment that symbolized NC State’s triumphant run. His impact on the court has set the stage for what could be a memorable appearance in the NCAA Tournament (source).

Looking Ahead: NC State in March Madness

With their ACC Tournament victory, NC State has not only secured a spot in the NCAA Tournament but also generated considerable momentum and excitement among their fans and alumni. The team’s remarkable achievement of winning five games in five days against high-caliber opponents speaks volumes about their potential impact in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

As the Wolfpack prepares for March Madness, all eyes will be on them to see if they can continue their miraculous run. With a blend of skill, determination, and now a proven track record of success under pressure, NC State is poised to be one of the most intriguing teams to watch in the tournament.


NC State basketball’s recent accomplishments have not only reinvigorated their fan base but also captured the attention of college basketball enthusiasts nationwide. As the team gears up for the NCAA Tournament, their journey from ACC underdogs to champions serves as a reminder of the unpredictability and excitement that March Madness brings each year.

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NC State Basketball: Marching into Madness

A Historic Victory NC State basketball has made a monumental splash in the college basketball scene this March. The Wolfpack, led by the formidable DJ Burns Jr., clinched an unforgettable ACC Tournament title, marking their first since 1987. This victory has not only secured their place in the NCAA Tournament but has also ended a long drought for the team.

DJ Burns: The Centerpiece of Success DJ Burns Jr. has been the talk of the town with his ACC Tournament honors and a surprising 3-pointer that has become a highlight of his college career. His performance has been pivotal in pushing NC State into the spotlight of March Madness.

An Unlikely Run The team’s journey to the ACC championship was nothing short of cinematic, as they became the first double-digit seed to win the title. Their run included a victory over top-seeded North Carolina, with DJ Horne and DJ Burns Jr. leading the charge.

Coach Keatts’ Triumph Head Coach Kevin Keatts has been under scrutiny, but this win may have saved his job, showcasing his ability to lead the team to success against all odds.

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Looking Ahead As NC State prepares for the NCAA Tournament, all eyes will be on them to see if they can continue their miraculous run. The Wolfpack’s story this March is a testament to the unpredictability and thrill of college basketball, and they are poised to make their mark in the upcoming March Madness.

Conclusion NC State’s basketball program has shown resilience and determination, culminating in a historic win that has reinvigorated their fan base and placed them firmly in the national conversation. As they step into the NCAA Tournament, the Wolfpack carries with them the momentum and spirit that could lead to even greater achievements.

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