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NCAA College Basketball News Update – March 21, 2024

March Madness 2024: A Day of Surprises and Stellar Performances

The NCAA College Basketball Tournament, famously known as March Madness, has once again lived up to its name with a series of thrilling games and unexpected outcomes. Here’s a comprehensive look at the highlights from the games held on March 21, 2024.

Michigan State vs. Mississippi State: A Three-Point Fiesta

In a game that defied expectations, Michigan State and Mississippi State went head-to-head in a battle that saw an astonishing number of three-point attempts and not a single free throw in the first half. Both teams combined for 26 three-point attempts, with each team trying more threes than twos. Michigan State’s Malik Hall made a significant impact by sinking a layup at the halftime buzzer, giving the Spartans a 31-24 lead. Hall, a 5-foot-10 freshman, showcased his shooting prowess with three 3s in the first half, continuing his record-breaking season with a school-record 105 three-pointers.

BYU vs. Duquesne: A Rough Start for BYU

The game between BYU and Duquesne started on a rough note for BYU, with lead guard Dallin Hall suffering a bloody nose and other players facing physical challenges. Despite these setbacks, BYU aimed to break a four-game NCAA tournament losing streak. However, they found themselves trailing 17-10 midway through the first half.

Michigan State’s Protective Measures

Michigan State center Carson Cooper was seen wearing a bulky black protective mask during the game against Mississippi State. The mask was a precautionary measure after Cooper took a hit to the nose from Purdue’s All-American center Zach Edey in the Big Ten tournament. Cooper is expected to wear this protective gear for the remainder of the season.

Izzo’s Spartans Show Early Promise

Under the guidance of Coach Tom Izzo, Michigan State showed early promise in the tournament. With Tyson Walker contributing a couple of three-pointers, the ninth-seeded Spartans took an early lead against eighth-seeded Mississippi State, signaling a potentially deep run in the tournament.

Today’s NCAA Tournament Schedule

The day was packed with action, starting with the Michigan State vs. Mississippi State game and including matchups like BYU vs. Duquesne, Akron vs. Creighton, and Long Beach State vs. Arizona, among others. Each game brought its unique storylines and performances, contributing to the unpredictable nature of March Madness.

Star Performances and Key Highlights

  • Malik Hall’s halftime buzzer-beater and his exceptional three-point shooting have been pivotal for Michigan State.
  • Dallin Hall’s resilience after a bloody nose showcased the physicality and intensity of NCAA tournament play.
  • Carson Cooper’s adaptation to wearing a protective mask underlines the challenges players face and overcome in pursuit of championship glory.

As March Madness continues, fans can expect more thrilling games, standout performances from star players, and the unpredictable drama that defines NCAA College Basketball.

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