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NEVER HUNGOVER – Party Tonight, Feel Great Tomorrow

NEVERHUNGOVER, Party Tonight, Feel Great Tomorrow

This is the perfect Las Vegas drink. Party tonight, feel great tomorrow. Did I die and go to ZING heaven?

Now, I’ve been hearing tall tales about pills, powders, and snake oil ever since I was sixteen. Most things don’t work. Every now and then, one finds a product that truly delivers.

Enter NEVER HUNGOVER. This stuff is stellar! It’s the real deal, and you will know after just one try. 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 0 calories. Brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals. Caffeine-free.

My first clue to its incredible performance:  I had to visit three places just to buy it. Selling like hotcakes. First I tried Roy’s Liquor in Summerlin, a classy place with premium products. Sold out. Then I tried GNC Summerlin on Charleston. Sold out. The staff there said the only place with product left was GNC at Rainbow & 215, so I zipped over there. When I walked in the door, an attractive, very fit female employee asked, “Is there anything I can help you find?” I said, yes, NEVER HUNGOVER please. She laughed and said, “I’m not surprised, it’s selling like gangbusters, some lady was in an hour ago and bought three cases!” So I bought a bunch and snapped a few pictures for this write-up.

NEVERHUNGOVER, GNC Las Vegas, 215 and Rainbow

My second clue to its incredible performance:  Phil Maloof backs the brand. These days, it seems everything the Maloofs touch turn to gold. They sold the Sacramento Kings for a record-breaking NBA price. ZING Vodka is selling like crazy across Vegas and America. And Phil Maloof has been getting cool coverage and cameos in all kinds of press like Cigar Aficionado and Cigar & Spirits Magazine for both ZING Vodka and his upcoming cigar brand. And yet, Phil and all the Maloofs work extremely hard, day-in and day-out, an old school work ethic, building and promoting whatever they believe in. They’re positive, approachable, and self-deprecating. Their products are always top-shelf.

The third clue to its incredible performance:  I read the story on their website. Inspiring, genuine, and perhaps most important to a critical customer, SCIENTIFIC. Like many great inventions in history—while working towards one thing, fighting off Lupus disease, an autoimmune condition—they stumbled upon another interesting and functional formula. One with massive positive ramifications for the liver and reducing alcohol effects. Here’s the link:  NEVER HUNGOVER Story.

NEVERHUNGOVER Science, Before And After

But before you do that, this may be the most important clue of all, my fourth and final detail:  I tried it. It works. In today’s times of full-force marketing and product dollar-chasing, trying something is the only true way to know.  So I went out with some friends, danced with Zowie Bowie at Red Rock. I know, a mild night compared to most in Vegas, but I live here, so I can’t always hit XS and Marquee and Hakkasan. But don’t worry, my friends and I hit the alcohol. HARD. But meanwhile we took the prescribed amount of NEVER HUNGOVER, one bottle for ever four drinks. I put away 8 alcoholic drinks, so I had two NEVER HUNGOVER. I’m not 21 anymore…actually 41…so hangovers can hit me pretty hard. Yet, lo and behold, the next morning I felt fine, and even hit Lifetime Fitness for some indoor rock climbing then a 5K on the treadmill. No problems whatsoever. I stayed out till 2am, was up at 9:30am, gym by 10:30am.

I wholeheartedly recommend NEVER HUNGOVER. Amazing products that work well come along so rarely, so when you find them, stock up!



Individual results may vary. Do not consume more than 5 per day. Drink responsibly, never drink and drive. This product does not prevent intoxication.



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