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New Cat Breed Discovered: The Salmiak Cat with Unique Fur Pattern

Attention cat fanciers! A groundbreaking discovery has been made in the feline world. Scientists and animal welfare advocates have identified a new type of cat with a distinctive fur pattern caused by a unique mutation. This new breed, named the “salmiak” cat after the Finnish salty licorice, features a coat that starts with a solid color at the base and gradually turns white at the tips.

Discovery and Characteristics

The salmiak cat was first noticed in Central Finland in 2007, where locals spotted cats with this unusual coat pattern. These cats typically have white or almost white tails and yellow or green eyes. The breed comes in various color variations, including black, brown, and tortoiseshell. Initially, it was believed that these cats might be infertile due to the rarity of their fur type. However, this theory was debunked when a salmiak cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, proving their fertility.

Scientific Research and Findings

To understand the genetic basis of this unique fur pattern, researchers conducted a comprehensive study. They collected blood samples from five adopted salmiak cats and performed DNA tests on four of them. These tests revealed no genetic mutations commonly associated with white fur. Further investigation through whole genome sequencing of two cats identified a deletion in the KIT gene, which is known to influence coat color in various animals, including cats, horses, and mice.

“In summary, comparative data from other species and genotype segregation analysis support the newly discovered KIT region deletion as potentially being a cause of salmiak coat color in cats,” the researchers concluded in their study, published in the journal Animal Genetics.

Potential Recognition and Popularity

The unique genetic mutation and striking appearance of the salmiak cat have captured the attention of both scientists and cat enthusiasts. While it remains to be seen if this new breed will gain official recognition from pedigreed cat registries like The International Cat Association, it has certainly won a place in the hearts of many.

Implications and Future Research

The discovery of the salmiak cat highlights the importance of genetic research in understanding and preserving unique animal breeds. This new type of cat not only adds diversity to the feline world but also provides valuable insights into genetic mutations and their effects on coat color. Further research could explore other potential health implications and breeding patterns associated with the KIT gene mutation.


The salmiak cat, with its distinctive coat and fascinating genetic background, represents a significant addition to the feline community. As researchers continue to study this breed, its unique characteristics may lead to broader recognition and appreciation among cat lovers worldwide.


The information provided in this article is based on the latest available details at the time of publication. Developments in genetic research and breed recognition are subject to change based on ongoing studies and discoveries. For the most current updates, refer to official sources and scientific publications.

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