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NHL Hockey Games Preview & AI Predictions: April 16, 2024

As the NHL regular season draws to a close, the playoff picture is nearly set, with intense battles shaping up in the Eastern Conference for the final playoff spots. Today’s games could be crucial in determining the outcomes. Here’s a comprehensive preview of today’s NHL schedule along with expert analysis and predictions for each game.

Full Schedule and Predicted Winners:

  1. Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins – 7:00 PM ET
    • Networks: RDS2, TSN5, NESN
    • Prediction: Boston is favored to win given their stronger season performance and home advantage.
  2. Carolina Hurricanes at Columbus Blue Jackets – 7:00 PM ET
    • Networks: BSSO, BSOH
    • Prediction: Carolina is predicted to dominate this game as they seek to secure their playoff position.
  3. Detroit Red Wings at Montreal Canadiens – 7:00 PM ET
    • Networks: BSDET, TSN2, RDS
    • Prediction: Montreal could edge out a win at home, despite Detroit’s recent form.
  4. Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers – 7:00 PM ET
    • Networks: SNW, SNP, TVAS2, MNMT, NBCSP
    • Prediction: Washington is expected to win, as they have shown more consistency this season.
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers – 7:30 PM ET
    • Networks: ESPN, TSN4
    • Prediction: This could go either way, but Florida’s home advantage might just tip the scales.
  6. Seattle Kraken at Winnipeg Jets – 8:00 PM ET
    • Networks: ROOT-NW+, TSN3
    • Prediction: Winnipeg Jets are favored, looking strong as they head into the playoffs.
  7. Chicago Blackhawks at Vegas Golden Knights – 10:00 PM ET
    • Networks: SN360, ESPN+, HULU, TVAS
    • Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights are likely to secure a win, bolstering their playoff credentials.
  8. Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks – 10:00 PM ET
    • Networks: ESPN+, HULU, SNW, SNP
    • Prediction: Vancouver Canucks, with a solid record at home, are the favorites tonight.


The NHL is heating up with teams like the Boston Bruins and the Vegas Golden Knights showing strong forms as they prepare for the playoffs. Teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and Winnipeg Jets are also making significant pushes to solidify their standings. Meanwhile, the Eastern Conference remains a hotspot with teams like the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers battling it out for crucial points.

For more detailed analysis and up-to-date information, follow the games on their respective networks and check updates on

With playoffs around the corner, every game counts, and tonight’s matchups are set to deliver some exciting hockey action.

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