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Norwegian Woman Raped in Dubai – Then Sent to Prison for Reporting Incident and having Extramarital Sex

Norwegian businesswoman Marte Debora Alevly, 24, was raped in a Dubai hotel.

When she reported the incident, she was booked for making having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and making a “false statement” to police. She faces 16 months in prison.

When is the United Arab Emirates going to treat women fairly? And by the way, it’s not the stone ages. It’s 2013.

This is horrendous. Hopefully Norway and people from around the world can rise up and help remedy this atrocity.

While on this topic, shouldn’t women be able to have sex without being married if they so choose? And not face jail time? Shouldn’t a woman be able to wear something normal and display their face as opposed to covering everything except their eyes? And by the way, why don’t they put men in jail for the same things? Oh yeah, because they consider men superior and give them myriad more rights.

Again, let’s move beyond medieval and hyper-religious thinking. These individuals are so afraid of the power of sex, and not being able to control their own urges, that they make other women pay the price for it? Something seems utterly wrong with this…


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