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Notes from Top CBB Handicapper in the Nation, John Fisher

Is TEXAS TECH legit or just fortunate with rather easy easy schedule playing at Home. I believe it’s a combination of both. Once again we have a team that focuses more on defense and plays better defense then their DD opponent in Iowa State. TEXAS TEH will playing their first true Road game of the year versus their most dangerous opponent to date that can flat out shoot the ball. 1st team All American George Niang is a first round NBA pick because wolf his versatility. . G Gotcher and Williams for the Raiders are excellent ball players and really make Tech a good team. A DD win will be difficult to come by FOR IOWA State versus a hot team in Tech. Yes, IOWA State wins this game but they will let Tech stay in this game until the end. 5 STAR BEST BET DOG
Texas Tech +11.5


TEXAS TECH showed they are tough and will fight to the end. Keep in an eye this team

I like the Ducks but I Like the Over better here. This will be a highly competitive game with both teams that ensemble very athletic players that love to drive. I believe there will be a lot of fouls in this game which will give teams some freebies with no time left being taken of the clock. These teams have the same pace so I believe the pace will actually increase this game with a lot easy buckets. I see this game being in then70’s for both teams. Guarantee play

Sorry but I will be happy losing this play. Never ever will there be 26 missed 3 pointers and 20 missed FTs if these teams played 100 times. It’s amazing when you Completely hit a game correct…pace fouls and quick drives happened but those 49 missed was too much to overcome….Cmon..Cal 0–10? Even 3-10 and 1 ft would of put this over. ,ay e it was the worse looking Court in the country. I don’t know why but Oregon seems to try to make things unwatchable.

Oregon 68-65

Sometimes you just go with the obvious and sometimes it actually works. LLU is 1-8 ATS AWAY from Home this year. Arkansas is 7-2 ATS and 1-0 at Home. The Trojans were not pick to make a threat in the Sunbelt it was the Cajuns of LLU. However, Coach Beard from 55 PPG. Coach Tubby Smith from Texas Tech who escaped with a victory versus Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Little Rock said its like playing against a swarm of Bees . Coach Chris Beard of the Trojans enjoyed that compliment. Beard really knows how to Coach. His team ranks number one in the nation scoring defense allowing just 55 ppG . Btw….if they are in a close game no worries…they are ranked 2nd In the Nation shooting 80% from the line! 5 STARS BEST BET

Ark Little Rock-5
Vegas tried to set a trap but the cheese was fake. TROJANS smothered the Cajuns to an easy 77-57 Win

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