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Palazzo Waterfall, Atrium & Gardens

Palazzo Atrium, Chinese New Year, Las Vegas

The Palazzo Waterfall, Atrium & Gardens put on vibrant, artistic themes throughout the year. It’s the area between the Palazzo and Venetian, open 24hrs.

Friends in the Palazzo Atrium

I’ve walked through the Palazzo Atrium over 40 times in a period of 3 years. It’s always a welcome sight, with something fresh and creative happening around holidays and each changing of the season.

You might hear live music, encounter street performers in exotic costumes, and see colorful decorations that fill the space. Plus the air feels lighter and cooler around the waterfall.

Palazzo Waterfall Atrium & Gardens, Las Vegas

During last 4th of July they had numerous giant flags draped over columns and hanging from wires. For the Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year, red, yellow, and pink festoons floated alongside paper lanterns, gold coins, and sculptures of horses.

Year of the Horse, Palazzo Waterfall Atrium & Gardens, Vegas

Sustainability also plays a large role in the composition, and is sometimes a theme, as in last fall’s Eco 360.

Looking up at Palazzo Skylight, Atrium, Vegas

Whatever your fancy is in Palazzo or Venetian, I encourage you to stroll through the atrium for respite and inspiration. The luxurious Grand Canal Shoppes are nearby, too.

Palazzo Atrium Perfomers, Las Vegas

Palazzo Atrium, Las Vegas

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