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Project 150: Helping Disadvantaged Vegas High School Students


In the heart of Las Vegas, a city known for its vibrant lights and bustling entertainment, lies a lesser-known gem that has been quietly changing lives. Project 150 is a charity dedicated to assisting homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students, ensuring they receive the necessary resources and support to graduate and build a better future. This article delves deep into the mission, achievements, and functions of Project 150, highlighting the importance of supporting such initiatives in our communities.

Mission and Vision

Project 150 was founded with a simple yet powerful mission: to offer support and services to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students so they can remain in school, graduate, and pursue their dreams. The charity believes that every young person deserves a fair shot at success and works tirelessly to provide resources that fill the gap for these at-risk students.

The Backstory

The charity’s roots trace back to December 2011 when local Las Vegas businessmen learned about 150 homeless high school students at Rancho High School who were in need during the holiday season. Moved by their plight, these individuals took swift action, sparking the birth of Project 150. Fast forward to today, and the charity has expanded its reach, supporting thousands of students across the Las Vegas valley.

Services Offered

  1. Food and Basic Essentials: Recognizing the importance of nutrition and well-being, Project 150 provides food and other essential items through their Betty’s Boutique, where students can shop for free.
  2. Educational Assistance: The charity offers scholarship opportunities, school supplies, and assistance with college and job preparation, ensuring students have the tools needed to succeed academically.
  3. Clothing: A well-dressed student is a confident student. Project 150’s boutique offers students a chance to pick out trendy and quality clothing, ensuring they feel good about themselves.
  4. Hygiene Products and Personal Care: Beyond the basics, students can access hygiene products, ensuring their personal health and self-esteem are maintained.
  5. Support and Counseling: Recognizing the emotional and psychological challenges these students face, the charity also provides mentoring and counseling services.

How to Donate

Supporting Project 150 can make a significant difference in the lives of countless young individuals. Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Monetary Donations: Visit the official Project 150 website and navigate to their ‘Donate’ section. Online contributions can be made securely via credit card or PayPal.
  2. Goods Donations: Drop off non-perishable food items, clothing, school supplies, and personal care items at their designated drop-off locations.
  3. Volunteer: Time is just as valuable as money. Offer your skills and expertise by volunteering with Project 150.
  4. Host a Drive: Organize a drive in your community, school, or workplace to gather essential items for the students.
  5. Corporate Sponsorships: Businesses can play a role by becoming corporate sponsors, providing substantial support for the charity’s operations and events.


In a city where the glitz and glam often overshadow the underlying challenges, Project 150 stands out as a beacon of hope for Las Vegas’ high school students. By offering comprehensive support and resources, the charity not only helps these young individuals survive but thrive. Donating to this cause is not just about charity; it’s about investing in the future of our community and nation.

For more information or to get involved, visit the official Project 150 website and become a part of this transformative journey.

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