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Quick Guide to the 2024 Kentucky Derby: Competitors, Odds, and Insights

As the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby approaches, excitement builds for this milestone event set for May 4 at the iconic Churchill Downs. This sesquicentennial race promises a thrilling competition with a full lineup of promising thoroughbreds and the energetic ambiance that only Louisville can provide.

With race day nearly upon us, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the horses slated to compete and their respective odds of winning. The Derby is known for its fresh roster of equine talent each year, introducing fans to a new set of horses and jockeys. This blend of novelty and tradition is what makes the event uniquely captivating, offering a yearly chance for one horse to make history.

2024 Kentucky Derby Contenders Here is the list of 20 horses participating in this year’s Kentucky Derby, along with their initial odds:

  • Fierceness: 5-2
  • Sierra Leone: 3-1
  • Catching Freedom: 8-1
  • Forever Young: 10-1
  • Just A Touch: 10-1
  • Dornoch: 20-1
  • Honor Marie: 20-1
  • Just Steel: 20-1
  • Track Phantom: 20-1
  • Stronghold: 20-1
  • Resilience: 20-1
  • Mystik Dan: 20-1
  • Catalyic: 30-1
  • T O Password: 30-1
  • Endlessly: 30-1
  • Domestic Product: 30-1
  • Epic Ride: 30-1
  • Grand Mo The First: 50-1
  • Society Man: 50-1
  • West Saratoga: 50-1

Among these competitors are both highly favored horses and intriguing underdogs, such as West Saratoga, whose trainer’s personal battles add a poignant storyline to the race.

Kentucky Derby Participation and Qualification Traditionally, the Kentucky Derby fields 20 horses, a number established in 1974 to balance competitiveness with safety on the track. This cap differentiates the Derby from other major races like the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, which typically feature no more than 14 horses.

To secure a spot in the Derby, horses must compete in a global series of pre-qualifying races known as The Road to the Kentucky Derby. Points are awarded based on performance, with the top 20 point earners securing their place in the starting gates at Churchill Downs.

As you prepare to watch or wager on the race, this guide provides all you need to engage with the 2024 Kentucky Derby fully. Enjoy the pageantry and competition of this historic event.

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