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Reddit IPO Tomorrow, Overview & Tips

Reddit’s IPO is generating significant buzz as it prepares to debut on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow, March 21, 2024. The anticipation surrounding this event has drawn attention from various corners of the investment world, including Reddit’s own community. Here’s an extensive look into the Reddit IPO, including a brief history of famous social media IPO debuts and some considerations on whether to invest in Reddit’s IPO.

Reddit IPO Details

Reddit has taken a somewhat unique approach to its IPO, inviting select users to participate in the offering. This move has sparked discussions within the Reddit community, particularly among those considering the investment’s potential benefits and risks. According to discussions on Reddit, there are questions about the specifics of buying into the IPO, such as eligibility, the use of different types of investment accounts, and minimum balance requirements. For instance, Fidelity Investments, a platform mentioned in relation to the IPO, has a $100k balance minimum for participating in IPOs, though it’s unclear if this applies to the Reddit IPO’s directed share program (DSP).

Historical Context: Social Media IPOs

To put Reddit’s IPO into perspective, it’s helpful to look at the history of social media IPOs:

  • Facebook (2012): Facebook’s IPO was one of the most anticipated in history, with a final valuation of over $100 billion. However, its debut was marred by technical issues and concerns over valuation, leading to a rocky start.
  • Twitter (2013): Twitter went public with a bang, its stock price soaring on the first day of trading. The company was valued at around $24 billion at the close of its first trading day.
  • Snapchat (2017): Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., also had a successful debut, with shares jumping 44% on the first day. However, the company has faced challenges in sustaining user growth and profitability.
  • LinkedIn (2011): LinkedIn’s IPO was a significant success, with shares more than doubling on the first day of trading. It set the stage for future social media companies going public.

Should You Buy into the Reddit IPO?

Investing in an IPO, especially for a company as high-profile as Reddit, requires careful consideration of several factors:

  • Valuation: Assess whether Reddit’s valuation at the time of the IPO makes sense given its financial health, growth prospects, and competitive position.
  • Market Conditions: The overall state of the market can impact the performance of newly public companies. A bullish market may favor IPOs, while a bearish market could lead to a less favorable reception.
  • Long-term Potential: Consider Reddit’s potential for growth and profitability in the long term. While the platform has a large and engaged user base, translating that into sustained revenue growth is crucial.
  • Volatility: IPOs can be volatile, with significant price swings in the early days and weeks of trading. Ensure you’re comfortable with this level of risk.


Reddit’s IPO is a landmark event, not just for the company but for its vast community of users. While the excitement is palpable, potential investors should approach with caution, armed with research and a clear understanding of their investment strategy. As with any investment, there are risks involved, and the decision to buy into the Reddit IPO should be made based on a comprehensive analysis of the company’s prospects and one’s own financial situation.

For more detailed information and updates on the Reddit IPO, you can visit Reddit’s discussion threads and financial news outlets.

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