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The Interview, 2014 Comedy


The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, whipped-up a media frenzy and damaging cyber hack on Sony via North Korea. (Sure, it is hard to prove North Korea did it, but they are the most likely culprit.) North Korea churned out their usual crazy bellicose rhetoric, warning severe consequences if the movie was shown, and saying Kim Jong-un jokes are a “path to death.”

First Sony Pictures pulled it, and later reported their hands were tied, as the major theater chains opted not to show it amidst the successful cyber terrorism and pending threats.

After a tsunami of criticism from artists around the world, and especially those in Hollywood, Sony created a Plan B. Screen the movie at various independent theaters around the country (those who would take it), meanwhile release it online via Google Play and YouTube.

I watched it today in HD for $5.99. Well worth the money!

Surely six dollars is worth any movie that generates this much controversy. Granted, it’s farcical and silly, but it’s genuinely funny, well-acted, with fresh dialogue. Seth Rogen and James Franco make a fantastic pair and are fun to watch, whatever oddball adventure they’re pursuing or encountering.

The Interview, Movie Poster

James Franco steals much of the show as the charismatic clown, a kind of “dumb and dumber” character with good looks, charisma, and occasionally astute sense. Seth Rogen is the straight man, yet manages to work in lots of humor.

Amidst all the shtick, there are occasional intelligent arguments and useful information regarding North Korea’s tragic situation. If sanctions didn’t work, who knows, maybe a cutting-edge action-comedy may help crack open the isolated regime. One of the best points the movie makes is that a revolution needs to happen by and through its people.

The Interview is already breaking records for online movie sales. This is far from a “holiday movie,” but it is a gift of humor, a gift of the freedom of expression, and a gift of original, smart and goofy filmmakers daring to break new ground. Perhaps Christmas time was just fine.

Go see it! And please leave any comments or thoughts below.  Cheers, Brendan

P.S. I also recommend the Saturday Night Live “Dr. Evil” skit regarding this incident and the Guardians of Peace, or GOP, as the cyber terrorists or cyber hackers. YouTube Video Link

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