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The Oakland Athletics’ New Stadium in Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Update

The Oakland Athletics’ proposed move to Las Vegas has been a topic of much speculation and anticipation. As the team inches closer to making this significant transition, details about their new stadium and the implications of the move are gradually coming to light. This article provides a current and comprehensive overview of the new A’s stadium to be built in Las Vegas, covering stadium details, the team’s relocation, highlights of the team, star players, and what the stadium renderings reveal about its future home.

Stadium Details and Team Relocation

The Athletics’ journey to Las Vegas has been marked by a mix of excitement and uncertainty. A recent update from Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue, referencing John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, indicates that more details about the move and the stadium will be unveiled at a public event in Nevada. However, attendance at this event comes at a cost, with tickets priced at $125 for non-members and tables ranging from $600 to $1,200, benefiting the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

As of now, the A’s have not released renderings for their proposed ballpark on the Strip, nor have they outlined a financing strategy or a plan for where they’ll play in 2025 after their Coliseum lease expires. The current thinking is that the team might play in Sutter Health Park in Sacramento, home to the Giants’ Triple-A team, although this would affect their contract with NBC Sports California and potentially their revenue from the regional sports network.

Stadium Renderings and Location

Despite the lack of public renderings, it has been learned that the new stadium in Las Vegas will feature a fixed roof and a design that includes a massive window beyond the outfield to provide views. This information suggests an innovative and visually striking design that will set the stadium apart from others. The renderings might not be released until the A’s play their spring training series in Las Vegas against the Brewers on March 8-9, adding to the anticipation surrounding the project.

Team Highlights and Star Players

The Oakland Athletics’ move to Las Vegas is not just about a new stadium; it’s a significant transition for the team and its fans. The A’s have a rich history of success, including nine World Series titles, and they hope to continue this legacy in their new home. The team’s roster boasts several star players who will be instrumental in this new chapter, although specific mentions of current stars were not highlighted in the latest updates.


The Oakland Athletics’ relocation to Las Vegas and the construction of a new stadium are poised to mark a new era for the team. While many details remain to be finalized, the move represents a significant shift in Major League Baseball’s landscape. Fans and the sports community eagerly await further details on the stadium’s design, financing, and the team’s plans for the transition period. As the A’s prepare for their future in Las Vegas, the excitement and challenges ahead promise to be a focal point of baseball discussions in the coming years.

For more detailed updates and insights, follow the developments on Bleed Cubbie Blue and other sports news outlets.

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Oakland Athletics Take Flight: New Las Vegas Stadium Soars on the Horizon

For decades, the Oakland Athletics have sought a new ballpark to call home. Now, their dream is taking flight in the neon-lit skies of Las Vegas. Here’s a comprehensive look at the Athletics’ move to Sin City, their dazzling new stadium design, and what it means for the future of the team.

A New Era for the A’s

The Athletics have called Oakland Coliseum home since 1966. However, the aging stadium and failed negotiations for a replacement spurred the team’s exploration of relocation options. In 2021, Major League Baseball (MLB) granted permission for the A’s to seek a new home, and Las Vegas emerged as the frontrunner. Finally, in April 2023, talks with Oakland officially ended, paving the way for a new chapter in Las Vegas.

This move signifies a fresh start for the A’s. It’s a chance to build a state-of-the-art stadium specifically designed for baseball, fostering a more vibrant fan experience. The team hopes to attract a broader fanbase and generate new revenue streams in the thriving Las Vegas market.

Stars on the Move: Bringing Oakland’s Legacy to Vegas

The A’s boast a rich history, having produced legendary players like Reggie Jackson, Rickey Henderson, and Dennis Eckersley. This move doesn’t erase their legacy; it propels them forward. Current stars like Matt Olson, Sean Murphy, and Chris Bassitt will bring their talents to the new stadium, electrifying Las Vegas crowds.

The relocation also presents exciting possibilities for player recruitment. The allure of playing in a brand-new stadium in a dynamic city could attract top talent to the A’s organization.

A Stadium Fit for Champions

The A’s new Las Vegas stadium, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and HNTB, is no ordinary ballpark. Renderings reveal a stunning, domed structure with a unique, overlapping-layer design reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. This 33,000-seat stadium will feature a retractable roof, offering year-round comfort in the Las Vegas climate.

But the architectural marvels don’t stop there. The stadium boasts a massive, 18,000-square-foot video board, the largest in MLB, ensuring an immersive viewing experience for every fan. Additionally, a vast outfield window will provide glimpses of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, further blurring the lines between baseball and entertainment.

The stadium will be situated on the Las Vegas Strip itself, occupying nine acres of the former Tropicana Las Vegas site. Bally’s Corporation, the project partner, plans to build a hotel-casino complex adjacent to the stadium, creating a dynamic entertainment destination.

A Bright Future Takes Root in Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics’ move to Las Vegas represents a turning point for the franchise. With a state-of-the-art stadium and a vibrant new home, the A’s are poised to thrive in the years to come. This transition not only benefits the team but also injects fresh energy into the Las Vegas sports scene. The arrival of Major League Baseball promises to further solidify Las Vegas’ reputation as a premier entertainment capital.

While construction isn’t expected to begin until April 2025, with an anticipated completion date in 2028, the future is undeniably bright for the A’s in Las Vegas. This bold move signifies a new era of baseball excellence, ready to take center stage in the dazzling lights of Sin City.

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