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Was the hospital strike a failed Hamas rocket or an Israeli airstrike?

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The recent rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza has sparked differing narratives regarding the source of the attack. Some reports suggest an Israeli airstrike was responsible for the tragic incident at the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City​1​. According to TIME and other international media, the Gaza Health Ministry cited that an Israeli airstrike on a Tuesday hit a Gaza City hospital, causing a significant number of casualties among the wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter there​2​.

On the flip side, there are claims from the Israeli army and other sources that assert the rocket was misfired by Palestinian militants. The Israeli army stated that a strike hitting a Gaza hospital, which resulted in at least 200 fatalities according to Hamas officials, was caused by a rocket misfired by Palestinian militants​3​. Townhall further reported an initial investigation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) indicating that the explosion in the hospital was caused by a failed Hamas rocket launch​4​.

These conflicting narratives create a complex and contentious atmosphere surrounding the incident, reflecting the broader ongoing conflict in the region. The tragic event emphasizes the dire consequences of military confrontations in densely populated areas, where civilian infrastructures like hospitals are at high risk.

This article aims to provide an objective overview based on available reports from different sources. As the details continue to unfold, it’s crucial to follow updates from reputable news outlets to get a clearer understanding of the evolving situation.

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