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Who Are The Experts Picking for 2024 NCAA Men’s Tournament?

Based on the latest predictions for the 2024 NCAA Men’s Tournament, experts have varied opinions on who might win:

  • Gary Parrish from CBS Sports predicts Purdue could win the 2024 NCAA Tournament, highlighting their potential for redemption after a disappointing loss in the previous year’s tournament. He notes Purdue’s strong season and the possibility of Zach Edey leading them to victory (CBS Sports).
  • Bruce Marshall’s pick is Tennessee, emphasizing their strong performance in the SEC and potential for a deep run in the tournament.
  • Eric Cohen’s choice is UConn, pointing out their impressive season record and strong guard play, making them a strong candidate to repeat as National Champions.
  • Thomas Casale believes in North Carolina’s chances, citing their defensive efficiency and ability to adapt and win in various ways.
  • Bob Konarski’s selection is Houston, highlighting their top-rated defense and the potential for a deep tournament run.

These predictions showcase the uncertainty and excitement surrounding the tournament, with several teams having a legitimate shot at the title.

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