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Why Kamala Harris Should Not Be President of the United States: A Quick Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of American politics, the role of the President demands an exceptional blend of experience, decision-making acumen, and public support. While Kamala Harris has undeniably made significant strides as the Vice President of the United States, several concerns and controversies cast doubt on her suitability for the presidency. This article delves into the reported problems over the years, questionable decisions, public appearances, and overall lack of experience that form the basis of the argument against Kamala Harris becoming the President of the United States.

Reported Problems and Controversies

Kamala Harris’s tenure as Vice President and her prior political career have been marred by various reported problems and controversies. One significant issue is her management style. Reports from within her office have described a toxic work environment, with accusations of high turnover rates and staff burnout. This management style raises concerns about her ability to effectively lead the nation and manage the vast responsibilities of the presidency.

Furthermore, her handling of key issues such as immigration has drawn widespread criticism. As Vice President, Harris was tasked with addressing the root causes of migration from Central America. However, her approach has been criticized as ineffective, with little tangible progress made. Critics argue that her lack of decisive action and concrete solutions reflects poorly on her ability to handle complex national and international issues as President.

Questionable Decisions

Harris’s political career is also marked by a series of questionable decisions that have sparked debate and concern. During her time as Attorney General of California, she faced criticism for her handling of cases involving police misconduct and wrongful convictions. For instance, her office fought to uphold wrongful convictions even when evidence suggested innocence. Such decisions have led to questions about her judgment and commitment to justice.

Additionally, her stance on key policy issues has often appeared inconsistent. Harris has shifted her positions on matters such as healthcare, criminal justice reform, and climate change, leading to accusations of political opportunism. This inconsistency raises doubts about her ability to maintain clear and steadfast policies as President.

Public Appearances and Communication

Public appearances and communication are crucial aspects of a successful presidency. Unfortunately, Kamala Harris has faced challenges in this area as well. Her public speaking engagements have sometimes been criticized for lacking clarity and coherence. In several instances, her speeches have been described as unfocused and rambling, which undermines her ability to effectively communicate with the American public and inspire confidence.

Moreover, Harris has faced criticism for her responses to tough questions and criticisms. Her tendency to avoid direct answers and rely on vague statements has frustrated both supporters and critics alike. Effective communication is vital for a President, and Harris’s struggles in this regard raise concerns about her ability to lead the nation through challenging times.

Lack of Experience

Experience is a critical factor in determining the suitability of a presidential candidate. While Kamala Harris has served as Vice President and held various political positions, her overall experience pales in comparison to many past presidents. Her tenure as Vice President has been relatively short, and her previous roles as Senator and Attorney General, while notable, do not provide the extensive executive experience typically associated with successful presidencies.

Furthermore, Harris’s limited experience on the international stage is a significant concern. The President of the United States must navigate complex global issues, build relationships with foreign leaders, and make crucial decisions that impact international stability. Harris’s lack of substantial foreign policy experience raises questions about her ability to effectively handle these responsibilities.


While Kamala Harris has achieved significant milestones in her political career, the reported problems, questionable decisions, public appearances, and overall lack of experience cast doubt on her suitability for the presidency. The role of President demands a leader who can effectively manage a diverse range of issues, communicate clearly with the public, and bring a wealth of experience to the table. Based on the concerns outlined in this article, it is argued that Kamala Harris may not be the right choice to lead the United States as President.

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