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Australia’s New Pre-Verification Rules for Safer Online Gambling 

On September 29, 2023, the Responsible Wagering Australia Authority announced a new rule. Now, all licensed online casinos must welcome 24-hour verification for all players and forbid the deposit of money before the verification. 

How will it influence non-verification casinos for gamblers from Australia, and what are the consequences? Let’s break it down. 

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Pre-Verification Law Explained

Until the law’s adoption, verification rules in Australian casinos were softer: all players needed to pass the verification, but the process could have lasted for 72 hours. During this timeframe, the newly registered users could already make deposits, gamble, and bet on sports. In such conditions, underage and self-excluded players could gain access to the casino, even if banned after verification. 

Who is Impacted by the New Pre-Verification Rules?

The rule was welcomed to ban 2 categories of gamblers from the casinos: 

  • underaged Australian citizens;
  • players who practice self-exclusion methods.

As Responsible Wagering Australia claims, this measure also prevents money laundering. 

Which Casinos Are Obligated to Follow the Law?

The authority’s powers only apply to casinos with official licenses in Australia. What it means for gamblers is that you can bypass the rule and find gambling platforms with old rules. 

How to Bypass the Pre-Verification Law? 

Gamblers all over the world are free to choose a casino from any country and with any license. These are good news – if you want to bypass the limitation, try the following platforms: 

  1. Non-licensed casinos. Also called “independent casinos”, these platforms don’t follow any licenses, including Australian ones. However, be attentive – without official registration, these casinos are free to establish their own rules. Also, beware of fraud risks. 
  2. Casinos with licenses in other countries. Registered in other countries, commonly in Curaçao or Cyprus, these platforms follow the rules of the local authorities. They are not obligated by Australian laws. The only possible drawback is that the Australian government is free to ban such casinos. If that happens, utilize a VPN. 
  3. Access to old accounts. The rule only applies to new users. If you have an old account at an online casino, restore access to it. 

Such a law is rather a protective measure for Australian gamblers. 24-hour verification is fast and only requires you to wait a day until you can use all the casino functions. 

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Why Responsible Gaming Matters 

Statistics show that Australian gamblers have the biggest money losses among all other players worldwide. Gamblers from Australia spend averagely $83 on casino games daily. With 6.8 million active gamblers in the country, it became a state problem. RWA has been working on the law that makes gambling safer over the last few years. 

Other Responsible Gaming Methods 

Even with no pre-verification rules, users can protect themselves from obsessive gambling behavior.

  1. Use deposit limitations. Online casinos allow players to set the maximum deposit amount per day, week, or month. Further deposits will be blocked. 
  2. Freeze the account if you feel signs of addiction. Select casinos that offer the function of freezing the account for some period. 
  3. Turn on the reality check. Gambling platforms also offer personalized feedback – a pop-up appearing on a screen within a set period of time. It reminds players to check if they aren’t spending too much. As research shows, such feedback serves as one of the most effective self-exclusion methods. 

Finally, opt for platforms with contacts of supporting organizations and live chat. Regularly check your expenses, and remember – the casino was created for relaxation, not fast earning. 

Other Restrictive Measures in Australia 

In addition to verification rules, the government has announced a self-exclusion platform called BetStop. Using BetStop, customers can ban themselves from using casinos for several weeks or months. 

Also, starting in September 2024, all video games that contain gambling features will be banned in the country. It applies not only to actual casinos but also to games with gestures, which are close to gambling mechanics. Such an approach should prevent gambling addiction among the young population and lower the risks of intrusive behavior. 

In the same month, gamblers from Australia will be forbidden from using credit cards for online gambling and betting. You could use debit cards, prepaid cards, vouchers, or crypto. However, any transactions with credit moments will be banned. Linking the credit card to wallets like Apple Pay, PayPal, or Google Wallet does not work as well. The introduced system will detect and ban such payments. 

These tools were provided to save the citizens from addictive behavior. Also, pre-verification has its advantages for gamblers. Casinos that accept the rule proceed with their reliability and importance of a legitimate status. Also, the verification will take 3 times less time than usual.

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