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Bad Luck in Sports Betting Comes in Many Forms

Bad luck in sports betting comes in many forms.  We heard this story during today’s telecast of the #Royals #Cubs game.  We hope we recall the details correctly.

There was no batting practice before today’s game, but the Cubs’ Cody #Bellinger insisted on seeing some pitches.  Cody dragged a coach and a curve ball machine onto the field and asked the coach to change locations on every pitch.  He expected Royals’ starter Brady #Singer to throw him a lot of curve balls and wanted to gain a fresh command of the strike zone for the day.

Cody hit home runs on his first two at bats and drove in another run in his third at bat for a total of four RBI.

Three top sports handicappers had picked ‘under 8 runs’ for this game.  They lost when the total runs landed on 10.  The difference was Cody’s 4 RBI.

This was somebody else’s bad luck today because we didn’t bet on the game, but it’s remarkable how many different forms bad luck can take.

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