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‘Borderlands’ Movie Review: A Wild, Chaotic Ride (But Is It Good?)

The long-awaited Borderlands movie has finally blasted onto the big screen, giving fans of the beloved video game franchise a taste of Pandora in live-action. Directed by Eli Roth, this adaptation features an all-star cast including Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jack Black. But has the movie captured the essence of the game’s unique blend of humor, action, and loot-driven mayhem?

Critical Reception: A Mixed Bag

Reviews for the Borderlands movie have been decidedly mixed. Some critics have praised the film’s visual spectacle, over-the-top action sequences, and faithfulness to the games’ zany, irreverent tone. Others have found the plot thin, the humor inconsistent, and the characters lacking depth compared to their video game counterparts.

Fan Reactions: Love It or Hate It

Much like critics, fans of the Borderlands games seem deeply divided on the movie. Many appreciate the film’s dedication to replicating the look and feel of Pandora, with its vibrant color palette, bizarre creatures, and arsenal of outlandish guns. The performances, particularly Cate Blanchett’s turn as Lilith and Jack Black’s hilarious voicing of Claptrap, have also been singled out for praise.

However, some fans feel the movie tries too hard to cram in references to the games, resulting in a disjointed narrative. Others miss the games’ more nuanced characters and the player-driven aspect of the storytelling.

Should You Watch It?

Ultimately, whether you enjoy the Borderlands movie will likely depend on your expectations. If you’re looking for a deep, character-driven story, this may not hit the mark. But if you crave a visually bombastic, action-packed spectacle with nods to your favorite Vault Hunters and plenty of chaotic humor, you might have a blast.

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Borderlands Movie: A Dive into Reviews and Reactions

The Borderlands movie, based on the popular video game series, has been a topic of discussion since its announcement. Directed by Eli Roth, the film features a star-studded cast including Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Filming began in April 2021 in Budapest, Hungary, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and wrapped up in June of the same year​​.

Reshoots and Changes In January 2023, the film underwent two weeks of reshoots directed by Tim Miller due to Roth’s commitments to another project. Although Roth was not involved in the reshoots, he gave his blessing to Miller. The reshoots led to some changes in the creative team, with Joe Crombie replacing Craig Mazin and additional literary material credits being given to several other writers​​.

Music and Release The musical score of the film, initially set to be composed by Nathan Barr, saw a change in October 2023 when Steve Jablonsky took over the scoring duties. Borderlands is slated for a theatrical release in the United States by Lionsgate Films on August 9, 2024. Test screenings were held on November 9, 2022, and exclusive footage was showcased during Lionsgate’s panel at the 2022 CinemaCon​​.

Reactions and Anticipation The reactions to the movie have been mixed, with fans of the game series eagerly anticipating its release while others remain skeptical about the adaptation. The reshoots and changes in the creative team have sparked discussions about the film’s direction and final outcome. With its release date approaching, the Borderlands movie continues to generate buzz and curiosity among audiences.

In conclusion, the Borderlands movie has had an interesting journey from its announcement to its upcoming release. With a talented cast and crew, it has the potential to be a successful adaptation of the beloved video game series. However, only time will tell if it lives up to the expectations of fans and critics alike.

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