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Brightline West and Siemens Mobility Set to Transform Rail Travel with Vegas to LA High-Speed Line

A new era in American rail travel is emerging, with Brightline West selecting Siemens Mobility as its preferred builder for its 218-mile high-speed rail line connecting Las Vegas and Southern California.

The project will feature Siemens Mobility’s cutting-edge trains, capable of reaching speeds of 220 mph, drastically cutting travel time between the entertainment hubs of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Siemens will supply 10 of its America Pioneer 220 (AP 220) train sets, each consisting of seven cars designed to carry 434-450 passengers. The route will connect Las Vegas with Rancho Cucamonga, offering seamless transfer options to the Southern California Metrolink network.

“We aim to redefine American train travel, just as we did with our Florida trains, and Siemens is the perfect partner for this new frontier,” said Brightline CEO Michael Reininger. “The development will generate new jobs and supply chains, setting the stage for a high-speed rail industry across the nation.”

The deal follows a lengthy bidding process, with Siemens’ bid meeting crucial benchmarks, including price, performance, amenities, and integration capabilities. The AP 220 train sets are expected to launch in 2028, coinciding with the Brightline West rail line’s commencement. Additionally, Siemens will provide a 30-year rolling stock maintenance contract, with maintenance taking place at a planned facility in Sloan, Nevada, promising high-paying jobs for local workers.

Brightline West’s $12 billion rail project will primarily follow the Interstate 15 corridor, connecting regions that are inconvenient to fly or drive between. The company received $3 billion in federal funding in December, with the remaining costs covered by private investment. Travel time from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga will be reduced to just over 2 hours, with an additional hour needed for those transferring to Metrolink to reach Los Angeles.

The project aims to alleviate congestion on Interstate 15, particularly during peak travel times, and is expected to transport 11 million passengers annually at full capacity.

The high-speed rail line will run through Victor Valley and Hesperia in California, with construction beginning following a groundbreaking ceremony at the Las Vegas station site near Las Vegas Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road.

Brightline previously partnered with Siemens for its Florida Venture series trains, making this new collaboration a continuation of a fruitful relationship. Siemens Mobility North America CEO Marc Buncher emphasized the company’s excitement in building the nation’s first true high-speed trains, noting the innovation and advancements they will bring to the American rail industry.

The AP 220 train sets will be built to handle operational speeds of 220 mph, offering a lighter, more aerodynamic, and efficient alternative to current high-speed trains. The trains are designed in compliance with the Buy America Act, and Siemens plans to establish a new facility for their production, with its location to be announced once the deal is finalized.

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