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Silverton Casino Unveils Luxurious “Swimmin’ Hole” Oasis After $10 Million Renovation

Las Vegas, NV – The Silverton Casino Hotel is making a splash this spring with the grand opening of “The Swimmin’ Hole,” a multi-million dollar transformation of their pool deck…. Read the full article ›

PopStroke Brings Tiger Woods-Designed Mini Golf to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, already a world-renowned entertainment destination, now boasts a brand-new attraction: PopStroke Entertainment Group. This innovative concept, featuring putting courses co-designed by Tiger Woods, opened its doors to the… Read the full article ›

Vegas Sphere, Quick Overview

For now you can choose to see two shows at The Sphere Las Vegas: U2 & a video called Postcard From Earth. U2 – 4 shows remain before the U2 residency ends. … Read the full article ›

Step into Giant Games: Unveiling the Playful Magic of Luxor’s New Play Playground

Las Vegas glitters with lights and excitement, but its newest attraction isn’t about gambling or shows. It’s about rediscovering the pure joy of play at the Play Playground, a 15,000-square-foot… Read the full article ›

Lake Las Vegas: A Sparkling Oasis Beyond the Neon Glare

Nestled amidst the desert landscape just outside Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas shimmers as a mirage of tranquility. This 320-acre reservoir and its surrounding 3,592-acre development offer a unique escape… Read the full article ›

Bellagio Conservatory Welcomes the Year of the Dragon with Dazzling Displays and Mystical Enchantment

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden in Las Vegas has once again transformed into a wonderland, this time celebrating the arrival of the Lunar New Year and the mighty Year… Read the full article ›

Glitz, Gridiron, and Glory: Your Ultimate Guide to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Get ready for a touchdown of epic proportions, because Super Bowl LVIII is about to light up the Las Vegas sky! Mark your calendars for February 11, 2024, when the… Read the full article ›

Your Festive Guide to New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of neon and non-stop thrills, outdoes itself on New Year’s Eve. As midnight strikes, the infamous Strip transforms into a glittering canvas illuminated by a pyrotechnic… Read the full article ›

Top 10 Dazzling Destinations on the Las Vegas Strip this Christmas

Forget the snowglobe – Las Vegas transforms into a glittering winter wonderland every Christmas, offering festive fun beyond the casinos. From dazzling light displays to whimsical ice rinks and gourmet… Read the full article ›

Geminids 2023: Brace for the Most Spectacular Meteor Show of the Year

The night sky is about to erupt in a dazzling display of cosmic fireworks. Brace yourself, stargazers, for the Geminids meteor shower, one of the most awe-inspiring celestial events of… Read the full article ›