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College of Charleston Cougars Men’s Basketball: Latest News and Highlights

The College of Charleston Cougars men’s basketball team has shown impressive performance in recent times. As of March 27, 2024, the team has had a remarkable journey, highlighted by key victories and notable performances from star players.

Recent Performances and Victories

The Cougars ended their regular season on a high note with a ninth consecutive victory, defeating Hofstra 87-76. This win solidified their position as the first team to win the league by two games since George Mason in 2011. During this match, graduate students Bryce Butler and Frankie Policelli were honored, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

In the game against Hofstra, Reyne Smith led the team with a game-high 21 points, including six 3-pointers, while Ante Brzovic added 18 points. Policelli and Kobe Rodgers also made notable contributions, with Policelli grabbing a game-high seven rebounds and Rodgers dishing out a career-high eight assists.

Star Players and Key Contributors

Reyne Smith: Known for his shooting prowess, Smith has been a consistent scorer for the Cougars, often leading the team in points.

Ante Brzovic: Brzovic has been a vital presence in the paint, contributing significantly to the team’s scoring and rebounding efforts.

Frankie Policelli and Kobe Rodgers: Both players have provided valuable support, with Policelli excelling in rebounding and Rodgers in playmaking.

NCAA Tournament Appearance

The Cougars secured a No. 13 seed in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and faced No. 4 seed Alabama in the first round. This matchup was a significant moment for the team, showcasing their talent on a national stage.

Outlook for the CAA Championship

Looking ahead, the Cougars have secured the No. 1 seed in the upcoming CAA Championship, demonstrating their dominance in the league. Their performance in the tournament will be crucial in determining their success in the postseason.


The College of Charleston Cougars men’s basketball team has had an impressive season, marked by a series of victories and standout performances from key players. As they look forward to the CAA Championship and beyond, the team’s continued success will hinge on the contributions of star players like Reyne Smith, Ante Brzovic, Frankie Policelli, and Kobe Rodgers.

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